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  1. If you've been on GB.net today, you probably saw this...

    The Japanese distributor for The Phantom of the Opera announced today that Gerard's visit scheduled for this week has been cancelled due to his work schedule connected with the start of filming "300".

    In addition, Gerry has given the following statement to GB.Net for those who were looking forward to his visit:

    "I am sad to say that my commitments to my next project will prevent me from visiting Japan on this occasion. Just as the film, The Phantom Of The Opera, is very dear to my heart, so are the people of Japan and their beautiful country and I promise to return very soon. I look forward to seeing all of my dear friends again, thank you so much for your support for me and this wonderful movie."

  2. Hi Sweetie!

    Well, this diet comes in 3 phases.

    The first phase is aimed to flush sugars from your system to reduce the cravings for them. It lasts for only 2 weeks and during that time you only eat lean meats, reduced fat cheese products, most vegetables, and specific oils. If you're interested in the list of allowed foods, i can provide that for you. I was very skeptical at first, I thought I could never give up my daily bagel or fruit, which I love for a snack. But after cleaning out my kitchen and collecting phase 1 recipes, I committed myself to it and completed the 2 weeks. This phase is where you'll lose the most weight the quickest. I lost about 9 pounds during the 2 week period.

    The second phase re-introduces carbs back into your system. You're allowed some fruit, some whole grain breads, etc. in addition to the phase 1 foods. You slowly add it back in. If anyone wants documentation on that too, I can get it. You stay on this phase until you've lost all of the weight in your goal. I am still on this phase and have lost about 15 pounds on it in about 2 months. You'll find that you won't crave sugars, white flour, etc because you cleansed your body from it during phase 1. Even if you do give in and eat it, there is no punishment, it is understood that weaknesses happen. You simply go back on phase 1 asap and continue through the diet. I celebrated a birthday during phase 2 and I indulged a lot. After, I went back on phase 1 and continued on without any major set-backs.

    The third phase is life maintenance. Basically it allows you to eat whatever you want, as long as you don't gain weight. If you notice weight slowly gaining back on, go back on phase 1.

    With the introduction of the new South Beach products out there, it's been a very convenient option for me. Most of them are specifically for phases 2 and 3 and they are very delicious.

    Well, I think I wrote a book, sorry about that!


  3. Hiya GALS!

    Well, since this is the weight loss section - I thought I'd offer any knowledge I have about the South Beach Diet. I've been following this Diet since May and am a member of southbeachdiet.com - so if you have any questions and I can't answer them, I can always ask there for you so you don't have to sign up and pay.

    So far on it, I've lost approximately 25 pounds. I really enjoy this diet as it allows me to eat some of my favorite things that are considered taboo on "regular" diets. You really have to re-teach yourself when you consider starting this diet. Whatever you thought was bad and good for you before is completely reversed, but it does make absolute sense after you learn about it.

    If anyone is interested or want to know more about it, please read The South Beach Diet book by Dr. Arthur Agatston. Also, I can attempt to answer any questions or I can get answers from southbeachdiet.com for you as I mentioned above.

  4. Well, here's my story...

    I've been the chubby gal my whole life, but after college ended, things kinda went into a downward spiral. Gained a ton of weight and didn't do anything about it but mope. After trying and hating Atkins, I became a member of weightwatchers.com and lost 20 lbs in about 6-8 months, as it was a real struggle for me to committ to something. Then after some personal family drama around that time, I decided to join the local gym and finally do some exercise. This helped shed a few more lbs - about 5. Around this time, I started going to a new doctor and my blood test came back horrible for my cholesterol and triglycerides. He recommended the South Beach Diet to help regulate those problems. I am on that now and I love it. I've lost about 25 pounds on it since the end of May.

    So my combined total since I've started the whole weight loss journey is approximately 50!!! Woohoo! This is the first time in my life that I've actively tried to accomplish this goal, it's incredibly hard and will take a long time, but I believe that slow weight loss is permanent weight loss. I'm going to start a thread soon on the South Beach Diet so anyone can ask questions about it there if they're interested.

  5. *rethinking opinion of Stef* :unsure:

    *kidding* Jack Black is hilarious and one talented musician...better him than *shudder* Tom Cruise or.....well, you get the picture. An honorable crush! I'm proud of you, actually!

    :rofl1: Thanks my sweet Abrock!

    I get nairvous when I reveal my secret crush of Jack Black, because in the past I've gotten some extreme reactions to it, LOL So, I kinda stopped telling people and became a closet-fan. Well... this was before School of Rock, so people thought I was insane. :eye:

    I share your shudder of Tom Cruise - I think he is so darned slimy. Bleh!

  6. Alrighty, time to share a deep dark secret that only my boyfriend knows.... here we go... I used to have a major thing for........... JACK BLACK! LOL I'm still a major fan.

    Posted ImagePosted Image

    Now don't judge me... I find humor very sexy. Also, JB reminds me very much of my own guy - Willy. I'm a big fan of Jack's band Tenacious D as well. I think he's such a talented guy, sings wonderfully, and makes me laugh my arse off.

    Hmmmm... sounds suspiciously similar to Geet, LOL Except for of course that GB is the king of royal hotness which is a pleasing perk! hehehe

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