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  1. Well, the day those recent pap piccies were taken, he had to have that extra shirt in there - as the captions said he changed after meeting with friends.

    Maybe he has a sewing kit to fix all those popping buttons and straining threads on his jeans! :lol: Doubtful though as they seem to be getting larger.

  2. :gg1: :gg1: :gg1:

    Good Bulging Biceps! :tasty: I needed this, a nice Geet fix.

    Love the man purse, love the "PEWL-IT!" jeans, the tennies, the tight tops, the fact that he's wearing the same shirt again from the conscious clothing event... well a version of it anyway, the celly w/ the earpiece, the bmw, those biceps....oh boy here it comes.... :gg2:

    The man is a god - he's so freaking hot! :eye:

  3. Definitely - the G-man provides many an opportunity to GRABIT! It's like he knows we're here waiting for the moment when the buttons just can't take any more strain from the moobies. He's such a tease, that cheeky monkey. :brows:

    We GALS want to GRABIT and PULLIT (Get your minds out of the gutter! :p ) PULLIT it refers to pulling at those pesky dangling threads on his holey jeans in order to make the holes bigger or perhaps even rip them off entirely! LOL

  4. I'm with you Abrock, weird it is! It was meant to be artsy, for that festival. Supposed to confuse people too - guess it worked! :lol:

    But to have been a fly on the wall at that shoot... or even better - to be one of the tongue tangling girls with him! :gg1: :gg1: :gg1:

  5. I can't get your vid outta my head Abrock! I keep singing "Black Velvet" in my head today, it was a nice way to spice up some rather mundane household tasks. :brows:

    Thanks for the escape! :good:

  6. :eyespop: Abrock!

    That was so so so good! You continue to amaze every time. The way you get the vids to move so well with the beat of the music, it's so awesome! I almost jumped for joy when I saw the clips of the G-man singing MOTN in the sound booth, I LOVE those scenes, well that's obvious, lol.

    You had the pairfect blend of clips, I loved seeing the ones from the movie as well as great Gerry moments, many of which I have't seen in a while.

    Brava! Brava! Bravissima! Stupenda! :p

  7. Thanks for posting this Sarah! I don't venture onto gb.net as much as I used to. How I love to listen the man talk... it's so pairfect!

    I want to know what his future movie project is that he won't talk about yet! I hope the info is released soon, we need more Butler! :tasty:

    loved the growl! grrrrr!!!!!!!

  8. I've never been there before Bethy, but you paint such an enticing picture! :eye:

    I hope that some Japanese tarts capture this sing along on video - I must see this! I've said it before, when Gerry sings as Gerry (as compared to being a character such as Erik) = multiple Gerrygasms for Stef! :lol:

  9. I'm obsessed over that photo! lol. :tasty:

    So obsessed that I just PMed Eleo (the girl who took them, and who's in a few of the others with Gerry on GB.net) and she gave me permission to use them for our website! Woohoo!

    Rock star Gerry's going somewhere cool! :cheeky:

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