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  1. I listen to MOTN and PONR just about every single day and never get tired of them. I take the city bus to work everyday, so I drown out the boredom with Gerry singing sweetly in my mind. LOVE IT!
  2. Woah, I just watched this for the first time! :o The man can act his perfect royal rump offf! What a performance!!!! thanks for the linky! Bethy, sorry you can't hear it! Are you using Real Player, that's what I used.
  3. I'm gonna attempt the flash movie. I've made flash movies before, but never anything this ambitious or on such a yummy subject! Hopefully I can get it done ASAP, darn job is actually making me do work this week, can you believe that? Thanks Dr. Em for extending the date!
  4. oh boy, mental image.... a Gerry snog booth!!! Can we make sure he doesn't have pockets like at Leno and stick the bills in his waistband like Sporran Tart did? I'd pay for that too, hehehe We'd have this funded in no time!
  5. hehe this truly does belong in the caption game. Originally I just wanted to compare the man cleavage between the two easier, by getting the two others out of the way! Obviously the G-man's v-neck is far superior to what's his name's.
  6. Here we go, time to get wordy... Finding Gerry, GB.net and the GALS came at the most opportune time. I graduated college 2 years ago and was totally lost at what to do. I just did what was easy and picked up a job in town. I was working an overnight shift and put on weight, A LOT of weight. Then after a year, I switched jobs; it was a better paying job, but I had no idea what it really entailed. Let's just say I don't suit the position I have, I have no idea how I got the job, I'm grateful for it, but it's slowly taking my sanity away. After several months, I had to go on some medication for
  7. Ahhhhhhh.... Very very nice! Bethy you are the queen!
  8. Oh, here's one tarty gal that's glad you cropped the best part out of that pic. *sigh* that Butler intensity! ........Anywa,y last night I was on a photoshop high and tried to cut the two wackos in the middle out and put the two "man cleavage" enthusiasts together - so that it looked real. It didn't turn out, so I gave up. It was fun though to try! lol
  9. forgive me while I continue to post gushes and drools, lol. I'm still exploring all that this FANTASTIC site has to offer and what do I get in this post??? A plethora of button popping royal hotness pics? good lord, what a wonderful place this is! lol I'm thinking I'm going to have to close my office door for some alone time with my computer screen... did I just say that out loud? :blink:
  10. here's stef with her new haircut!
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