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  1. As an adult I had a crush on Patrick Swayze too - first from North and South and then from Dirty Dancing.

    Lol Susan! I didn't know if anyone would know of North and South, so I didn't put that, but that's where I first had my Swayze crush, hehehe. Phew, what a miniseries, I loved it.
  2. oh goodness, i had so many, hehe. I think my absolute first was Patrick Swayze - feeling the Dirty Dancing love. :eye:

    I had a major thing for Sully (Joe Lando) on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman while I was in junior high, he was it for me. :lol:

    Hmm.... for a while I liked Val Kilmer, Joshua Jackson, and Keanu. But nothing compares to being Butlerized, does it GALS? :spin:

  3. What a story! Somehow I never read this one before, I'm shocked at myself, hehe.

    The man is so amazing - he is so gracious and kind and giving to his fans, oh makes me love him even more! I love how he wanted to make sure you were safe getting home and took time to talk to you, what other celeb does that??? Our Gerry is one-of-a-kind.

    I think i'm going through my Gerry honeymoon phase all over again after reading that. :p

  4. Susan that looks awesome! I want to move to California and go to tart parties too!!!! I went to the movies tonight to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and it was playing in the same theatre i saw POTO in, I kept thinking about how much I would love to see it on a big screen again, you lucky GAL!

    And of course when I saw the seahorse boat - i thought of DF and you too! (with your very cool tat)

    Thanks for sharing the piccies with us, looked like a blast! :cheeky:

  5. I've always liked guys who were more chunky monkey than skinny minny - so I'm even more prone to gerrygasms lately due to his more cushiony figure. I love to see the man shirtless - what a tan, what a man! He sure knows how to deliver the goods in order to keep us satisfied, hehe :wink:

  6. Amen sista! lol I completely agree about the tongue thing - as you can tell, that's one of my fave piccys of Geet. The man is no saint, he's a human being who has a hugely vast body of work, that includes wonderfully dramatic, action, and sexy roles. Yet most prudish tarts tend to forget that he did a lil tiny movie where he shags a camel! Yes, it's a gross subject but our Gerry has no fear in taking on crazy roles. I love his sense of humor and the ability here at GALS to express my everpresent joy in watching everything he does. :spin:

  7. OMG that was so good!!!!!!!! The choice of clips was perfecto and i loved the smooth editting. You are the queen!

    That's going on my harddrive baby.

  8. aren't you the sweetiest GAL Beth? thank you so much for the compliments! I just got the 'do yesterday, am loving it! :hugs:

    BTW I adore your Gerry pic. The look of bliss on your face is radiating! If only I could meet his royal hotness.... someday.........

  9. I've seen it once, LOVED IT! I've been a phan for about 10 years now, and my sister has been a phan practically her whole life. She got our family tickets one year for christmas to see it in NY.

    It is very cool to see performed live in front of you. The chandelier scenes are fun, and the Phantom is more magical in the stage show. He has a cane type staff that spouts fire at Christine and Raoul at the cemetary (there is no swordfight). The fire is quite hot too, you can feel it in the audience.

    I'd love to see it again, I can't remember all of the details.

  10. ah TR2, the world is introduced to a beefy naughty Scot named Terry. Yum!

    First time I heard of GB, i mentioned him to my sis and she said, Oh i know him from TR2. My sis is a HUGE fan of A.J. She has a lesbatronic crush on her big time. So I always joke to her that if we sat down and watched the flick together, we'd be drooling over two very different things. :lol:

  11. Don't get me started with Ildico, what a fool she was! There you have a almost nekkid lord of the Hunnies waiting on a bed for you and you poison him BEFORE getting the freak nasty on??? And then you sit there and wait for your deed to be discovered? Wonder if she peaked under that white cloth while she waited? Bet she was disappointed in her hastiness after she got a load of Billy! :roll:

  12. I LOVE the bracelet too. It's so cool how he wears it everywhere; with a suit, with casual wear, semi-nekkid in the pool. :drool1:

    I've search on ebay many an occasion to find a suitable match for myself, I have not been satsified yet with my findings, but I will keep looking.

  13. I've had one Gerry dream and it was after watching Shooters for the first time. Jackie Jr. really stayed with me, let me tell ya! :lol:

    All I remember is crawling up on that bed (ya know where he's "massaging" that lass's breasticles) and pushing her off of it. hehehe Then I crawled on top of Jackie and had my way with him, all rough-like. :stripping:

    I wish I could have more Gerry dreams, but I'm quite thankful for the one I had! :p

  14. I completely know what you mean. When I read Carly Lynda's post, I was thinking *wtf*??

    It didn't leave me with a good feeling, either.

    I'm so glad there are others that felt the same way as me when I read her post. At first I was ecstatic for her, to actually have the ability to carry on a convo with my lord and master Gerry Butler. But after reading her whole post, I had mixed feelings.

    She had every right to be excited and brag about her luck, however it really overflowed into the disrespectful category when she talks about how she asked him a private question and refused to give the answer to the tarts. Why would she even tell us that? Also, to keep the busy man on the phone for 10 freaking minutes?? He's too polite to tell her to stop her yapping.

    C.L. made me even more uncomfortable later on with her comments about the Italian tart experiences. I much rather chat with my GALS, the respect we all hold for each other and the royal hotness is unmatched!

  15. Would be nice if he lived once in awhile though, he dies toooo often.

    (maybe we should start the save Gerry society while we're at it)

    Now that's an idea! Although he's does wonderful acting when facing the death sentence - in almost EVERY movie he's in (well, that I've seen so far); he's too damn hot to kill all the time! lol movies need to start preserving the beautiful Butler body instead of shooting him, burning him alive, poisoning him before taking advantage of the BIG ONE, etc.


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