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  1. fyi: I just read the following tidbit on IMDb, i'm looking for possible pics as i type LOL Just a little tidbit about Gerry. Last night he was at the red carpet preview of Abigail Breslin's new movie No Reservations, held at Warner Bros Movie World. My friend who is a well known chef in Brisbane invited me to go, but her invite was too short notice for me to get a babysitter, add to that I also have a rotten cold!! Anyway I will hopefully speak to her today for any news... Another little bit of Gerry news, as I was driving this morning there was a brief chat with him on the radio from last night's premiere. He was introduced as Gerry Butler from 300, Atilla and Phantom of the Opera, so the guy interviewing him made comments that he must be a pretty scary kind of guy having played such formiddable characters as Leo and Atilla, Gerry found this funny and replied it depends what mood he's in, there was some other refernces to his fierce 300 character and about dangling Abigail over the side of a cliff a la 300, more laughter and then as there was opera music playing in the background, the interviewer said "you were also in Phantom of the Opera" and asked if that was him singing in the background, Gerry replied he was warming up his pipes in case anyone wanted him to sing later on, more laughter and then it was over. Sorry if it sounds a bit confusing, but I was in busy traffic and Gerry spoke for all of about 30 seconds, so I'm trying to recall it as best as I can. I know it's not much, Gerry news has definately been a bit scarce lately, I'll keep you posted if I hear any more.
  2. We used to have a mod that lived in Brisbane, she was the original perv LOL alas real life got in the way of her online fun - we miss you Sarah! You can hear her awesome accent in one of the first GBcasts.
  3. Thanks hon, we actually just got the article in the gallery thanks to Katie!
  4. http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/2007/0...ossip-news.html HAVE spotted the handsome film star Gerard Butler, who is out here to film Nim's Island with Jodie Foster, around town quite often with Phil and Danielle Harte in the last couple of weeks. It seems that Phil and Gerard became chummy when they were both on the same flight coming to Australia from the UK. In the past fortnight Phil has helped Gerard arrange an exclusive fund-raising screening of the film 300 at Reading Cinemas, hosted by the Spartan himself. Besides wining and dining together, Gerard has also bravely fronted up for a game of squash with Danielle who was once the No 2 player in the world. Apparently it was an extremely one-sided game with Gerard having trouble walking the next day. Apart from all that, the charming Gerard was guest at the recent Project 88 gala dinner hosted by George Gregan at the Hyatt Regency where more than $300,000 was raised.
  5. http://www.moviesonline.ca/movienews_12744.html We just got photos for the new Gerard Butler / Hillary Swank film PS I Love you. Holly Kennedy (Hilary Swank) is beautiful, smart, and married to the love of her life—a passionate, funny and impetuous Irishman named Gerry (Gerard Butler). So when Gerry’s life is taken by an illness, it takes the life out of Holly. The only one who can help her is the person who is no longer there. Nobody knows Holly better than Gerry. So it’s a good thing he planned ahead. Before he died, Gerry wrote Holly a series of letters that will guide her, not only through her grief but in rediscovering herself. The first message arrives on Holly’s 30th birthday in the form of a cake and, to her utter shock, a tape recording from Gerry, who proceeds to order her to get out and "celebrate herself.” In the weeks and months that follow, more letters from Gerry are delivered in surprising ways, each sending her on a new adventure and each signing off in the same way: P.S. I Love You. Holly’s mother (Kathy Bates) and best friends, Sharon (Gina Gershon) and Denise (Lisa Kudrow), begin to worry that Gerry’s letters are keeping Holly tied to the past, but, in fact, each letter is pushing her further into a new future. With Gerry’s words as her guide, Holly embarks on a touching, exciting and often hilarious journey of rediscovery in a story about marriage, friendship and how a love so strong can turn the finality of death into new beginning for life. Click the image below for the complete gallery of photos.
  6. http://www.tnt.tv/title/?oid=646426 Shattered (2007) Pierce Brosnan, Maria Bello, Gerard Butler, Claudette Mink A happy couple with a seemingly perfect life has their daughter abducted. Over the course of a day, the kidnapper dismantles the family's lives with brutal efficiency. Upcoming Airings Sunday, September 2, 9:00PM ET Sunday, September 2, 11:00PM ET Saturday, September 8, 10:30PM ET I moved this thread to "Rumors" because I'm not sure if this is true or not Well... it's on this site too, perhaps it is true: http://www.tv-now.com/stars/gerbutlr.html
  7. http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/stills.php?id=3319
  8. http://www.variety.com/article/VR111797024...yid=13&cs=1 Gerard Butler to star in New Line's remake By DAVE MCNARY Len Wiseman ("Live Free or Die Hard") has decided to "Escape From New York," and is set to helm the New Line remake, which will star Gerard Butler and be produced by Neal Moritz.Wiseman's in final negotiations with the minimajor, which won bidding in March for a package that included Butler following the boffo launch of "300." "Black Hawk Down" scribe Ken Nolan is penning the script. Exec producers include Original's Ori Marmur; Ron Halpern and Frederic Sichler of Canal Plus, which held the remake rights; and John Carpenter, who directed the original 1981 pic. Butler's portraying Snake Plissken, the convict and war hero who's sent into a futuristic Manhattan -- which has been turned into a giant maximum security prison -- to rescue the president of the U.S. after his plane is knocked down by terrorists. The original starred Kurt Russell and was set in 1998. "Live Free or Die Hard" has grossed more than $335 million worldwide. Wiseman, who broke into the business in production design, directed "Underworld" and "Underworld: Evolution." He’s repped by ICM.
  9. i'm glad you enjoyed them swannie! i was sad when i finished the movie screencaps last night. those last scenes are so artistically beautiful.
  10. http://www.allthingshidef.com/ME2/dirmod.a...C55257716ED64BF Warner Home Video said it has the fastest- and highest-selling high-definition title in the market with 300. The studio said it has sold more than 250,000 copies on HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc combined since releasing it July 31. 300’s record-breaking high-def sales follow those of Warner’s The Departed, which was the first high-def title to break 100,000 units sold, according to the studio. Warner, which along with Paramount Home Entertainment supports both high-def formants, said it has six of the top 10 selling high-def titles with those two releases as well as Superman Returns, Planet Earth — The Complete Collection, Batman Begins and Happy Feet, and claims 30% of the high-def market. “It wasn’t that long ago we were talking about 100,000 [high-definition] units,” said Jim Noonan, SVP, worldwide strategic promotions and communications, Warner Home Entertainment Group. “Now, 250,000 is quite a progression. I think that is quite significant.” The epic 300 is based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller about 300 Spartan soldiers taking on a massive Persian army at the battle of Thermoplyae. Domestic box office sales topped $210 million. 300 was released on standard DVD, a two-disc special edition DVD, HD DVD/DVD combo and Blu-ray Disc. At the 2007 Comic-Con International, held July 26-29 in San Diego, executive producer Deborah Snyder hinted that 300 will see a new Blu-ray Disc release to incorporate an interactive element, such as that found on the HD DVD version.
  11. http://www.videobusiness.com/article/CA646...tml?q=lionsgate Studio slate includes Saw IV, Bratz movie, Christian films By Jennifer Netherby -- Video Business, 7/16/2007 JULY 16 | LAS VEGAS—Families and other late adopters are buying more DVDs, driving double-digit sales increases of animated films, TV on DVD and other niche genres, Lionsgate execs said during a Sunday afternoon presentation during its retail summit at the Red Rock Resort Casino here. Not coincidentally, those are the genres the indie studio focused on as it unveiled its biggest home video slate yet. President and chief operating officer Steve Beeks said the studio expects to exceed $1 billion in home video revenue in fiscal year 2008 based on the beefed up slate, which includes Oscar hopeful Away From Her, Dane Cook/Jessica Alba romantic comedy Good Luck Chuck, horror mainstay Saw IV and Lionsgate's first Christian release, The Case for Christ. Beeks said the studio expects first-quarter 2008 revenue to top 2007, when the studio recorded its strongest January ever. The studio presented internal research showing that consumers older than 50 and younger than 12 spent $1.2 billion more on DVDs last year, while those ages 13 to 49 spent $1.2 billion less on DVDs. The shift in audience spending has boosted animated sales 67% and TV on DVD 64%, VP of strategic planning and business development Michael Youn said. Educational DVDs, action/adventure movies, musicals, westerns, horror/suspense, fitness and Christian also are growing. Domestically, the studio expects to see slight declines in DVD in the coming years. The studio expects overall disc sales to decline a slight 1% through 2011, with new release DVD sales beginning to drop off sharply in 2009, as high-definition disc sales take off. By 2011, the studio forecasts that high-def sales will make up 50% of disc sales. The indie expects in-store rentals to decline 8% a year each year through 2011. However, online rental growth will make up for some of the decline so that overall rental spending will slide only 1%. A Blu-ray Disc supporter, Lionsgate is predicting that sales of BD movies will continue to outsell HD DVD by greater margins. In 2008, the studio expects BD sales will be four times that of HD DVD, increasing to 20 times HD DVD by 2009. By 2011, Lionsgate expects video-on-demand to grow to $3 billion in revenue and digital delivery to grow to $2 billion in revenue, together accounting for 19% of home entertainment revenue. Executive VP and general manager Ron Schwartz and executive VP of marketing Anne Parducci showed off trailers from the studio's upcoming home video slate, including Marvel DVD premiere Dr. Strange. Lionsgate is debuting its first two Christian films as part of its partnership with publisher Thomas Nelson: The Case for Christ and Max Lucado 3:16. The latter is being released at the same time as a book of the same name, and both will get a big marketing push that includes licenses for apparel and other merchandise. Lionsgate has expanded its deal with Studio Canal to include more of the French-based distributor’s library in the U.S. Lionsgate and Studio Canal are launching three new DVD lines: the Director Series will include sets of films from such noted filmmakers as Jean Renoir and Luis Bunuel, the Celebrity Series offers stars including Bridget Bardot, and the Meridian Series has noted films such as Diva and Emmannuelle: Special Edition. The studio’s fourth quarter will include DVD premiere films Stir of Echoes 2: Homecoming starring Rob Lowe and Shattered starring Pierce Brosnan and Maria Bello. Sportscaster Bob Costas opened Sunday’s presentation, telling jokes about famous sports broadcasting mishaps and talking about Yogi Berra and other sports greats he has met through the years. He drew applause from the crowd for saying that Barry Bonds “is juiced from here to Pluto and back” and laying out a case for proof that Bonds is using steroids. Guest speaker Avi Arad, chair of Arad Productions, talked up upcoming theatrical release Bratz, touting it as a family-friendly film that would appeal to both parents and tweens. The studio's slate for the next six months: Dr. Strange - Aug. 14 Delta Farce - Sept. 4 Away From Her - Sept. 11 Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horrors -Sept. 11 The Condemned - Sept. 18 Bug - Sept. 25 Stir of Echoes 2: Homecoming - Nov. 20 Shattered - Dec. 25 Captivity - TBA Bratz - TBA First Quarter 2008 Saw IV The Eye with Jessica Alba 3:10 to Yuma War Good Luck Chuck Trade
  12. http://www.filmstalker.co.uk/archives/2007...ealed_gera.html The Watchmen poster is revealed and Zack Snyder has been talking about the much anticipated adaptation of perhaps the best comic book in the world. Over at Comic-Con he showcased the artwork, which looks as if it's directly from the graphic novel itself, and also talked about the film, as well as where Gerard Butler would appear. At Comic-Con he talked about the film and revealed a couple of key points, points that just might even go some to making Alan Moore interested and perhaps happy, and that's no mean feat. He says that the film version of Watchmen will be R-rated, it will conform to the source material as much as possible, and by that read much more than any other comic book movie adaptation does, and he tells us that the release date will be - 2009. He also produced a strong comment about the film that keeps me thinking that he can really do something good with Watchmen, /Film have him saying: "I think the mistake, i mean approach is to assume that the movie knows better. Its like when someone says 'oh we made a movie and you should be happy that we did.' I don't assume that at all. I have the upmost respect for the material." That's spot on, it is definitely the mistake that most of the films we see make, and the successful ones seem to have paid much more heed and care with the original source material. Considering what he did with 300 (Filmstalker review) then you can't help but wonder if he really could bring together this Watchmen film and make it something truly special. Once again he says that the storyboarding will come directly from the comic, as with 300, and they'll develop from there. Oh, and Doctor Manhattan will be full CGI. Over at CHUD they had a one on one with the Director and uncovered something about the much promised role to Gerard Butler. It seems that he is being looked at for the Black Freighter part of the film. For those of you not familiar with Watchmen, during the story there's a parallel storyline of a boy reading a comic called The Black Freighter, one which looks at a man who has to survive alone on the seas after a terrible pirate attack, eating his dead seamates, and trying to head back to his family and home. The journey provides some insight into the motivation of the main character and the state of the human mind. Apparently Zack Snyder would neither deny nor confirm that Gerard Butler was set to play this character in the side story, but he did say that there have been two scripts submitted to the studio, one with The Black Freighter storyline, and one without. He is pushing for the complete version, and even if we didn't see it on screen, we would get to see it all on DVD. I think this is an all or nothing situation, and by now the studio should have realised this. Sign off on the full script, get the budget for creating The Black Freighter, but by all means only add it to the DVD, that in itself would create a huge hype and revenue stream on the home market release. However they cannot think of not doing this storyline, and if they do then it looks like Butler is set for the role.
  13. http://www.comicbookresources.com/news/newsitem.cgi?id=11374 by George A. Tramountanas, Staff Writer For the Friday afternoon panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Warner Bros. presented two films that are receiving very special DVD treatments. They kicked things off with a DVD comic book fans are bound to love: "300." On hand for this presentation were director Zack Snyder, "300" writer Frank Miller, and actor Gerard Butler made a very special appearance via video. The film will be released on DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-ray DVD, with all the special features fans are used to on these special editions. There are deleted scenes, production notes, documentary-style videos, and a picture-in-picture feature which lets you watch the green-screen version of the movie while the actual film is playing. All three "300" representatives were naturally very excited about this DVD. The floor was then opened to questions from the fans. The first one up asked Miller what the status was on "Sin City" 2 & 3 and "The Spirit" movie. Miller said that "Sin City" was held up at the moment with the Weinsteins; however, "The Spirit" is moving along. He said he's storyboarding his "butt off," and that he would be going to Albuquerque to film "soon." A question arose from a fan who asked if there was any political meaning in "300" in light of current affairs. Miller responded, "You can politicize it all you want, but why make it boring?" Another audience member asked how the actors got into such great shape. Snyder laughed. He said that the two questions he was asked by reporters most were: 1) "Is it difficult to work with green-screen?" and 2) "How did the actors get so built?" The answer was simply that they followed a good work-out regimen.
  14. http://www.chud.com/index.php?type=news&id=11207 By Devin Faraci I just came from a whirlwind one on one with Watchmen director Zack Snyder here at Comic Con, and while he wouldn’t confirm or deny it, it was obvious that he’s going to cast Gerard Butler as the desperate castaway in The Tales of the Black Freighter, the pirate comic within Watchmen. Maybe. That maybe doesn’t rest on Butler or Snyder, but rather on Warner Bros, who still have not committed the money needed to shoot the sequences, which would be included on the DVD. Zack did confirm that if he got the money he would do the Black Freighter in full on, stylized 300 fashion. As far as I’m concerned, Warner Bros has to give him the money. I don’t think a Watchmen movie needs The Tales of the Black Freighter, but as a supplement, it’s going to be a ton of fun, and Butler is perfect for the role. Are you listening Warner Bros? Look for my full (and short) one on one with Snyder to run soon.
  15. Oh I will, no worries. I just have to wait for the darn bulletins to work again. MySpace drives me crazy sometimes. It took me so long to post the update blog on there last night as I kept getting errors.
  16. Yes, we're friends on MySpace with Nim's Island and also RocknRolla - cool sites with great info! GALS: http://www.myspace.com/gbgals RocknRolla: http://www.myspace.com/rocknrolla2008 Nim's Island: http://www.myspace.com/nimsisland oh and zack snyder too: http://www.myspace.com/cruelandunusualfilms
  17. Yes, if you go to extratv.com - and watch the wee movie under "On the next Extra", there's a little blurb about Gerry. So fire up those tivo's tonight ladies LOL Looks like it'll be a continuation of the London/RocknRolla interview or perhaps a feature about him...
  18. I came across a few graphics for Nim's Island on a production site. One has the release date of April 25, 2008 on it. I don't know if this is new news or not but i thought it was postworthy There's a myspace page for Nim's Island as well! Stacie-in-Nebraska for the link! http://www.myspace.com/nimsisland Love the description given about Gerry: Gerard Butler What can we say about Gerry? He's more of a chameleon than Fred. He's the guy we've seen in all those movies but didn't realize it was him. He's tall, dark and heart-stoppingly handsome with a talent to match and it's his time to shine.
  19. Thank you to Lionsgate for the new poster and to GerardButler.net for sending it on.
  20. http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/15...719/story.jhtml It's the Super Bowl for "Star Wars" fans, the World Series of wizards and warlocks, and the Golden Globes of geekdom. And 2007's Comic-Con is shaping up to be the biggest one yet. Imagine an entire city of people dressed as Harry Potter, Bib Fortuna, Batman and Sailor Moon. At its epicenter, so many toys, T-shirts and comics are available that it makes eBay look like a bowling-alley lost-and-found. Somewhere in the massive hall, people will be walking through a replica of the Black Pearl. Nearby, a 40-year-old accountant in King Leonidas' leather codpiece will face the "Sophie's Choice"-like dilemma of attending a Stan Lee autograph signing, a conference promising to reveal secrets from "Indiana Jones 4" or an intimate discussion with Nicolas Cage and his son Weston exploring the minutiae of their favorite comics. When the world's biggest nerd convention commences in San Diego on Wednesday, Hollywood will once again rule the roost (see "Comic-Con Recap: 'Spider-Man 3' Surprises; Snoop, Samuel L. Reveal Inner Geeks"). For proof, just look at a few of the big-ticket flicks promising news, clips, interviews and/or imagery: "Iron Man," "Get Smart," "The Watchmen," "Sweeney Todd" and sequels to "Saw," "Star Trek," "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "Hellboy." Celebrities rubbing elbows with refugees from their mothers' basements will include Jessica Alba, Terrence Howard, Rosario Dawson, Sam Raimi, Edward Norton, J.J. Abrams and Peter Fonda. An estimated 123,000 people will be in attendance for the 38th annual conference, where they can push their way into massive halls to witness presentations by Paramount, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney, Universal, Warner Bros., New Line, Lionsgate and others. Massive lines are expected at the Friday morning "Star Wars Day" panels, as well as the Starbucks in the Convention Center's lobby, so you might want to pair your Mocha Soy Latte and Boba Fett Mandalorian armor with a pair of Reeboks. This year's biggest Comic-Con event might just be the "Worldwide DVD Release Event" honoring the movie "300." Warner Bros. has rented out Petco Park (where the San Diego Padres play ball) and invited 5,000 VIPs to wander the field alongside all sorts of Spartan surprises. Director Zack Snyder — just a few hours after he is expected to announce most of his high-wattage cast for the "Watchmen" movie (see Zack Snyder Assures He'll 'Find A Spot' For Gerard Butler In 'Watchmen' ") — is sure to be welcomed back to the Con as a conquering hero. Wednesday evening will have Paramount unveiling 3-D footage from the highly anticipated "Beowulf" (starring Angelina Jolie and Anthony Hopkins, due in theaters November 16), and Thursday will find New Line screening the slick Clive Owen thriller "Shoot 'Em Up" (see "Clive Owen's 'Shoot 'Em Up' Action Hero Inspired By ... Bugs Bunny?"). Rumors persist that audiences will get their biggest footage glimpses yet at red-hot superhero flicks "Iron Man" (see " 'Iron Man' Set Visit: MTV News Gets First Glimpse Of Stark Office, The Mask"), "The Dark Knight" (see " 'Dark Knight' Script Picks Up Right Where 'Batman Begins' Left Off") and "The Incredible Hulk." To celebrate the DVD release of "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," Disney will unveil a 40-foot-long re-creation of Captain Jack's ship, "docked" in the Disney booth atop a rocky structure. Inside will be props from the Brethren Court, previews of new "Pirates" booty and a gallery of never-before-seen photos taken on-set by producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Now we don't want to say that Disney will finally confirm that Johnny Depp is returning for a Jack Sparrow spinoff flick. We don't want to claim that J.J. Abrams will announce that Adrien Brody really is the new Spock, or that Marvel will give fans the name of the new Captain America, or that Keanu Reeves will show up to announce he's Dr. Manhattan. But the coolest thing about Comic-Con is that something of that magnitude could happen at any moment. Naturally, your intrepid MTV Movies team will be there in full effect. From Wednesday evening to our July 30 wrap-up, be sure to check out Movies on MTV.com and the MTV Movies Blog — and refresh your browser daily, hourly or even every minute by minute. Instead of laser blasters, we'll be wielding microphones, and rather than Salacious Crumb puppets on our shoulders, you'll find TV cameras. Within moments of news breaking, you'll hear it here first — and you don't even have to stand in line behind a bunch of smelly Klingons.
  21. From the wonderful Abrock! Thanks Mel http://extratv.warnerbros.com/2007/07/guy_..._with_madon.php I'm working on Multimedia version now
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