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  1. *waves* Hello!!!! :) xx

  2. HE IS , HE ISSS! What a wonderful campaign, I hope it helps alot of children.
  3. Im such a hypocrit. Im a bit EH!? about 20+- year old girls dating guys twice their age. Im the kind of girl who would say ( or atleast think ) GET SOMEONE YOUR AGE. YOU'RE JUST A TOOOOY TO HIM. And yet I would totally date GB if I had the chance... Or Johnny Depp if he didnt had this whole marriage/children thing going on LOL. ( I prefer GB anyhow ^___^ ) yeah, I know. That aint right, but I never said I was perfect.
  4. I had a dream after watching the ugly truth some days ago. Gerry was my neighbour across the street... and I could look into his house and he was standing NAKID infront of the window. And then I got a little note and it was from him, if I wanted to go on a date with him. And I kept AVOIDING HIM. O_O Then I tried to call him or text him but I got no response... And theeeeen I ran into him. ( well, we were both on bikes but you know what I mean. ) And he was all happy to find me.
  5. ( I dont really know you people yet but still I want to give her my condolences ) And Sue, about me. You may call me Denise. Im 21 year old, autistic ( ow no's! ). I like anime and manga ( you know, japanese cartoons and comics ), ancient cultures ( I liked to think that in the past everything was better... but Id probably take it back if I had to build a piramide 24/7. ) FOOD (Donuts , macaroni with cheeeese ), AND OF COURSE GERRY. What I do all week... I take sewing classes to create cosplay costumes ( you know, I run around like a character from some japanese cartoon or vide
  6. anna, I envy you. I try to be a plant person, but im not doing so well... XD ow well..
  7. Welcome to GALS SpartanGirl :)

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