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  1. I merged your original account with your new registration.

  2. Welcome to GALS AdorkableGB2 :)

  3. Matter of fact, he could get kidney stones the more he drinks. Those stones are painful, and I could see the headlines GB in the Hospital for coka cola addiction!!!!! He really needs to slow down. I wonder what his Mum will say when she finds out he's going to get operated for stones. Poor Baby!!!! Ruah
  4. Oh good gawd, what a man. Now that stare is sexy, I wonder what he's thinking?
  5. You are absolutely right, what ever, body this man is still hot, bc he's still going to have his charm, his big heart, and still be adorable Ruah
  6. I had so much fun watching this movie, I loved this movie; I laughed so hard and loud, G was just adorable He mayed me laugh hard (is that how u spell it), aqnd KH was awesome, and yes beautiful, and hilarious This movie made my weekend. I LOVED IT. The dance scene, elevator, everything, just got me crazy!!!!
  7. AdorkableGB2

    Zodiac Sign

    Here is a Virgo, for yah, whats up people
  8. GALS, I know the feeling of loving Gerry, Gerry happens to be my drug for when I'm down in the dumps depressed or lonely, right know i have no man, I've never had one, nobody knows except frinds and family and I consider you all friends. When I see Gerry's face, I get so happy, and turned on at the same time, I never feel lonely after that. I just needed to express myself, maybe too much information. But I just needed to talk. Hugs AdorkableGB
  9. He's just beautiful, I just hope he's resting and getting good food from his Mum He just looks adorable
  10. Hey peeps, I want to go with y'all, I live in McKinney so I probably need directions to go to Addison Because I have no idea how to get ther. But I am totally game just to see some friendly GALS, and talk About GERRY. And everything else.
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