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  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!  Here's to next year....And thus far my two top favorites are in the Hall of Fame, in the order of my preference.....So let's see if Timeline joins the ranks as 3rd champ!  (You hear that, Marek?  I'm rooting for ya!!!) Thanks again, Elissa!!

  2. :marek:  Well Marek, it's been lovely.  And it feels like an arrow's being shot through my heart to say this.  But I have to.  It's for the best.  Good bye, Marek/Timeline.  Enjoy your love and happiness and life with Lady Claire.  You deserve it.


    **sniffles, looking to Gerry Kennedy**  Rooting for you, PS I Love You!  Here's hoping that you pull through and are able to celebrate! :psLep:

  3. Ooooh that list is SHORT!!!!! Waterworks starting already!  
    Again, I vote to say good bye to Olympus Has Fallen.  Not farewell, mind you.  Just good bye.  **sniff**

    I thought the Immunity Question would be an easy one, until I read the answers in favor of Timeline.  I thoroughly agree!  My first choice though would have been PS I Love You.  ...In fact, that'll be what I stick with(but if it's at all possible, if no one else votes for PS I Love You, you can just count my vote for Timeline as well for the reasons given so far.  I hope that's okay...?).  My reasons for PS I Love You being the most entertaining is, although it hits me in the feels at several points throughout the movie, like a knife stab to the gut or heart, the various characters and flashbacks of Gerry's life just lift my spirits right back up.  I laugh just as much as I cry, if not more.  I liken each character and their quirks to being surrounded by a group of friends cheering me up, Gerry himself included.  Add that to the BEAUTIFUL Irish scenery(landscapes as well as Gerry :P ) and music and Gerry singing...I just love it all so much!

  4. This week I say it's time to say good bye to Olympus Has Fallen...With London Has Fallen gone it's time to yank off the rest of the band aid, so to speak.  **sniffle**

    The Immunity Question is pretty easy for me...Aside from Timeline(which would make this question difficult if it weren't already immune), I definitely want to say PS I Love You has the best plot..Though it's still extremely sad, it's got everything I love in a good, sweet story: beginning, middle, and satisfying end that gives closure.  It's got great character development and lessons to be learned, albeit hard, but also great fun and humor throughout.  Like I said, there's a reason why I keep going back to it over and over again!

  5. Oh man......You really do ask the toughies! 

    I agree about saying good bye to London Has Fallen....

    As for the Immunity Question.....GAA!  It's a three-way tie for me between PS I Love You, Timeline, and Dear Frankie.  But I think when it comes down to it....and I *really* hate to make this choice!!! (I know, I know, 'I try your patience' :P ) I'm going to have to say  Dear Frankie.  They just had so much chemistry that doorway scene extremely torturous, the ending even more so!  Glad it leaves it open for a sequel or at least the viewers to hope/dream!

    But if you ask me later, I'd be sure to wholeheartedly agree with any arguments for the other two in my 'tie'!

  6. Oh man.  I'm gonna agree on voting off The Jury.

    As for the Immunity Question....That's a real toughy cause I love the cast in all of 'em!  When it comes down to it though, I'm gonna have to say PS I Love You.  They're all just so fun and a huge part of what makes me keep going back to that movie.

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