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  1. First of all, let me make it clear that this is NOT an encounter story(unfortunately). I have never met Gerry, as much as I wish I have. I just figured that this was the best spot for this particular story. Last night, I was on Facebook, reading comments on one of my status updates. There was one person in particular who decided to turn it into a debate. I was fine with it at first, until they decided to point out a physical flaw I am already well aware of and somewhat sensitive about...I'm 23, and yet because of my short stature and facial structure, I do appear as if I'm in my teens...a
  2. I can never watch POTO too many times...there's just so much to that story, especially his character! Plus, since I've been writing a lot of POTO fan fics, it gives me an extra excuse to watch the movie when I hit a writer's block. Gerry definitely helps me get back in touch with Erik's character and mindset.
  3. Really really REALLY wish I could be there, but I'm currently saving up for going to college in the fall. Not to mention I'm all the way in NH...*sigh* can't wait to hear all about it though!
  4. Yeah famous people almost never come to NH, let alone the Plymouth area. *sigh* When they do come to NH it's always the southern portion, such as Concord or Manchester. Never Plymouth.
  5. Yeah Plymouth(NH) is a pretty small town, but it's also home to a state university and a regional high school, so we do get some excitement. For instance, a collection of Princess Diana's gowns are currently on display at a recently remodeled theater downtown, their last stop in the States before they get put up for auction. Other than that, it's really just a small NH town, smack dab in the center of the state. I think the reason why they picked it was because it's so diverse...downtown is more of a bigger town feel, but we still have a pretty rural area as well. Something for everyone, I
  6. The closest I've come to experiencing anything like this was when a TV show was being filmed in my town...turned out to be a complete flop, but there were a few road signs and police cars changed from 'Plymouth' to 'Poland'.....however, the TV show was actually SUPPOSED to take place in NH. Very exciting when it was happening, but I think a lot of us were disappointed with the final product. About the most excited I got was when they showed an exterior shot that I recognized. And of course from what I recall, none of the actors actually came here...our town was used for exterior shots most
  7. Watch out for those rumors. The media tends to enjoy pairing him up with people he's really not dating. The same thing happened with Jen Aniston during 'The Bounty Hunter'. By the way, welcome!
  8. I read that and nearly did a spit-take! LOL
  9. Yeah I'm very new to the boards so I was looking through all the invisible polls...unburied quite a few! lol
  10. Hmm...should have started from the older topics while browsing this section...I already mentioned part of this in the 'Average Gerry' poll, but here's more detail... First of all, my imagination goes wild sometimes. Especially right before I fall asleep, I can really 'write' a mental scenario and focus on the details...a lot of times I can return to previous 'stories' and add onto them, but here's what I basically came up with in regards to this topic. Sorry if it get's a little off-topic, but I feel like I should include everything or it might not make sense...anywho... In some versions,
  11. Reading through the choices, I thought it would be hard to choose just one. Then I saw Scotland. Yes. Definitely. Absolutely. I've wanted to go to Scotland even before I first watched POTO and became a Gerry fan. I've ALWAYS loved seeing the sheer beauty of it in pictures and in movies/TV, and the fact that I'm part Scottish(and Irish, and Welsh, and English, and Native American) makes it even more towards the top of my list of dream travel destinations. Let's just say I love traveling. If it didn't cost so much, I'd do it a lot more often. But to be in Scotland with Gerry as my t
  12. Me and my imagination, I actually played out a scenario in my mind once where I won the chance to spend a day with Gerry. You can blame various interviews I watched on YouTube for this, but we started out just walking through NYC, kinda planning on grocery shopping but being real lazy about it. Finally we get all the ingredients we need and go to his apt. and immediately start in on cooking the meal. I actually debated exactly what dish we would prepare...I'm more of an experimental, spur-of-the-moment cook than a stick-to-the-recipe one...finally decided on chicken and broccoli cheesy Ra
  13. Creedy, most definitely. When I first saw ROF and it got to that scene, just the look on his face...and I'm like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! And then when everyone was getting rescued the next morning(?) I kept looking for him... His character was so loveable, his death was definitely the most heroic and the most unnecessary in that movie. Was tempted to say Gerry Kennedy as well, but like someone else already said, without his death there really isn't much of a movie. Plus his illness and overall death was what really brought out all that loveable sweetness in all those letters
  14. Definitely the mask(not that Erik needed it...) simply because every time I watch that movie, when they show Meg picking up the mask at the end, it always, always just seems like she's touching his face. (Might as well say it now...I've always liked the Christine/Raoul pairing and the Meg/Erik pairing. Christine needs a guy like Raoul because she's so fragile, whereas Erik needs a girl like Meg, who's stubborn and caring like her mother. Just had to get that off my chest.)
  15. Once again, had to vote for the Phantom, though Gerry Kennedy and Atilla (and oh dear Creedy's up there too??? GAAAA!!!!) are very close seconds.
  16. Definitely Phantom with P.S. I Love You as a very close second. Phantom because there's just so much depth to the character, PSILY because of the lighter side, and yet both movies bring me to tears! The singing is a major factor too...
  17. That IS awesome to hear!! It's really been on my heart to keep Gerry in my prayers, so news like this is very encouraging!
  18. You saw the same guy I did and my first thought was, "I saw Gerry wearing a "NOLA" shirt! Then I realized that guy's hair seemed too short to be Gerry. Then I found the pic this a.m. Delene At least we weren't alone in our assumption!
  19. That's possible, but the guy I was thinking of was sitting in the second row in a different area...and he had shorter hair come to think of it. oh well...
  20. Okay so I DIDN'T see him...lol oh well...thanks for the pic!
  21. I SAW HIM!!! He was wearing a Hornet's shirt, so it was hard to pick him out at first, but at one point they showed one player going back to the bench and I saw a close up of him! After that I was able to keep my eye on him for most of the game! They didn't show too many close-ups of where he was sitting, but from what I could see, he was definitely enjoying the game and having fun!
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