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  1. Vaulting PS I Love You!!!! and voting off One More Kiss
  2. WHAT??? HTTYD 1 & 2???? **sniffle** Alrighty then....I vote to say buh bye to Dracula 2000 and Den of Thieves...
  3. Alrighty....This week I say it's time to eliminate Dracula 2000 and RocknRolla. Just not my type....
  4. Voting off Gamer and Coriolanus...Buh bye!
  5. Hmm...the easy picks are slowly disappearing! This week I'm gonna say buh bye to Gamers and Shooters.
  6. Buh bye Young Person's Guide and Tale of a Black Freighter!
  7. This week I'm voting off 'Unsuitable Job For A Woman' and 'Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rockstar'. Phew, that was a mouthful!
  8. This week I choose to say buh bye to Please and Fast Food.
  9. Good bye Tale of the Mummy and Cherry Orchard!
  10. Yahooo!!!! I missed this! The first votes are always easiest: Good bye Movie 43 and Tomorrow Never Dies!
  11. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it!!! Maybe next year, PS I Love You!!
  12. Oh here we go. *attempts to will my fingers to type* "C'mon.....when it all comes down to it, anything vs POTO has to go. Even PS I Love You. Yes, all the Ireland beauty and the humor and music and everything else you love about it." Okay. I think I'm ready. I vote to say good bye to PS I Love You. But don't worry....I shall think of it fondly when we say good bye........*waves a white handkerchief solemnly at PSILY while drifting away in Erik's boat towards his lair* (I may have recently written one too many feelsy scenes in my most recent POTO story. It's slightly possible.)
  13. This is where I could attempt to make next week's vote easier for myself or just vote for my least favorite out of the remaining 3......Nope, can't get rid of PSILY yet....Sorry, Marek....I really really really am....but this week I'm going to have to vote to say good bye to Timeline.... *sobs in the corner*
  14. Oh say it ain't so!!! These 4? Really? Can't it be a 4-way tie??? Hmm....well since that can't happen, I'm going to have to vote to say good bye to...........(okay Sarah....just do it quick, like a band aid...) .........Dear Frankie.......there, I said it. If anyone needs me I'll be in the corner sniffling.
  15. Yup I'm voting to eliminate Olympus Has Fallen as well...It's gonna make the rest of this VERY hard but I've gotta do what I gotta do...
  16. Ooh man... This week I'm voting to eliminate Olympus Has Fallen. As for the Immunity Question, it's no contest. If I could only own one, it would be POTO just because I need the 'research' for my stories. And by 'research' I mean getting lost in those eyes with all the sadness in the world...those pleading eyes that both threaten and adore....and letting his voice fill my spirit with a strange sweet sound.............*ahem* So yes....POTO's the one for me!
  17. Oh dear it's really getting difficult now! This week I'm unfortunately gonna have to vote to eliminate London Has Fallen... Immunity Question: Definitely POTO...I've watched it countless times already and I haven't gotten bored with it yet! There's so many aspects to it...the music, the drama, the romance, even the comic relief....It's by far the most entertaining!
  18. I'm again voting to eliminate 300. To answer the immunity question.........As much as I want to save POTO, I don't believe Erik and Christine belonged together....I'm a diehard Erik/Meg and Raoul/Christine shipper. Sorry.... I'd actually have to agree that he had the best chemistry with Hilary in PS I Love You...Sure they argued but they always worked it out, and I could tell they had a whole lot of fun making that movie. So PS I Love You wins my immunity vote this week.... Don't worry, POTO, I'm sure you're safe for now and will return to your corner soon!
  19. Oh snap. Well first of all I vote again to eliminate 300. As for Immunity Question....Best plot....I'm still gonna have to stick with POTO...While it didn't really end on a happy note, it provided a solid background for all the phanfics out there.
  20. Voting to eliminate 300. As for the immunity question: I have to say POTO(even though I know it's already safe for the next two weeks ) While it may differ from the book, I honestly cannot picture it any other way. Each member of the cast lived up to the talents their roles required, and as a phanfic writer, they all showed the depth of character I need for my inspiration. Not just Erik, but Meg, Madame Giry, Raoul, Christine...whenever I need to write for either character, I can always go back to the movie and study their portrayals, and my muse gets fed even more than I need it to be!
  21. This week I'm going to (sadly) vote to eliminate (I'm so sorry) 300 and keep POTO safe in the Vault! (Please don't send the Spartans after me!)
  22. I vote to eliminate The Jury and put POTO back in the Vault!
  23. This week I vote to eliminate Lara Croft and keep POTO in the vault!
  24. Oh dear now it's getting hard....Time to ironically give 300 the Spartan kick outta here and keep POTO in the Vault!
  25. Time to eliminate Rock'n Rolla and keep POTO in the Vault!
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