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  1. I vote to send One-Two home. As for the Immunity Question.......boy, I wish Alex Rover hadn't been eliminated, cause he'd be perfect! Oh well...Out of those choices, I'm actually gonna answer with Frosty....He'd know how to make a workable raft and study the water to see how to get off the island properly and study the currents and such to be able to get home quickly.
  2. Oh goodness....This week I vote to send One-Two home. As for the Immunity Question, I'm actually gonna go with Sam Childers. At the beginning, we see his rage and anger, but also his romantic side with his wife...then throughout the movie we see tenderness and playfulness toward his daughter and the kids, we see remorse, we still see anger but it's anger with purpose/passion, and of course sadness and grief to a point of depression...
  3. Gonna vote to send Mike Chadway home as well. As for the Immunity Question, this one's a real toughy....Gonna go with Frosty, though, because he's always coming up with creative and unique methods, which is something I'd need in order to stick it out!
  4. I vote to say good bye to One-Two. The answer to the immunity question is most definitely Creedy because, as all the others have said, he could easily adapt to life in the 1500's....much more easily than any of the other characters. Even in the futuristic/sci fi/fantasy setting, he just looks the part!
  5. YAY CREEDY!!! I vote to send One-Two home and keep Creedy safe on Exile Island!! <3
  6. Once again, my vote is to send One-Two home and to keep Creedy safe!
  7. I again vote to send One-Two home and save Creedy!
  8. I vote to say good bye to One-Two and save Creedy!
  9. Yup, time to say goodbye to Set, and I vote to save Creedy!!
  10. I vote to give Creedy immunity and to send One-Two home!
  11. Time to say goodbye to Neil and Kable!
  12. Hmm...starting to get just a tiny bit tough! My vote is for Tullus and Sam!
  13. Gonna have to go with Jackie Jr. and Neil Randall this time!
  14. Yup, Marty and Gus for me as well, though I love the song Gus sings....
  15. I vote for Marty Claymore and Jackie Jr.
  16. Hmmm...Gonna have to go with Tim Bolton and Marty Claymore to go home!
  17. I vote for Burke and Jacko to go home!
  18. Would have loved to repeat last year's amount matching his age, but couldn't pull it off this year. Went with Lucky #13 instead, since his and my birthdays just so happen to fall on the same day of different months!
  19. I knew it!! I tried, Frosty!! <3 Oh well! Congrats, King Leonidas, and thank you Elissa for all you put into this! <3
  20. Okay. Have to say it. THIS! IS! IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!! Love them both equally!!!! But after thinking it over several minutes, I'm gonna have to say that my official vote is to send King Leonidas home. I know this role was key in Gerry's career and Frosty is a lesser-known role/quieter guy, but Frosty is also more well-rounded overall...So before I talk myself into changing my mind, I bid King Leonidas adieu.......and now retreat to my little corner to cry.
  21. Nuuuu not Creedy!!! *siiiiigh* I vote to send Johnnie home!
  22. I vote to send Johnnie home! Part of me wants to strategically save him til the very end just to make it easier during the last vote, but I don't want to see any of the other guys go either!
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