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  1. OOF! I don't know how my heart will survive these last few weeks intact!! I love them all!!! I am, however, going to go with Frosty...Really hate to do it, but the one I would have voted off is immune at the moment...
  2. This week I'm gonna have to vote to send Johnnie home, but only because my answer for the immunity question is Clyde. At first I thought about Leonidas or Frosty, and they certainly stretched his physical skills, but the question was about acting. Clyde went through so many different emotions...so many different things...innocent love for his wife and daughter...pain...hurt...loneliness...grief...confusion...rage...near sinister-ness...and Gerry pulled every single one of those emotions off to perfection, so much so that in each new emotion, you feel /with/ him, not just for him. You could
  3. Well goodness! Yup, I'm gonna say that it's Terry's time to go home... As for the Immunity Question, I feel like I'm being unfair to Creedy since we don't really know his background...All we know is what we saw in the movie...For all we know he could have had more obstacles than any of the others listed, we just don't know it. However, since we don't know, I can't very well make him my choice while ignoring all the others that we do know. Johnnie, we know a little more about, but again, it doesn't compare... I would say Clyde, but really he's only had one, and while it was a ginormous who
  4. Well goodness this just gets harder and harder! That's the excitement of it I guess! This week I vote to send Johnnie home(only because Terry's immune). As for the immunity question, this one is so tough....there are so many on the list that were great at one but not exactly the other, or at least not from what we saw. Creedy for instance would make an absolutely terrific father, but we never got to see his potential as a husband. ....But you know what? I'm gonna pick him anyways because of how deeply he cared about those kids, putting his life on the line to protect them even though the
  5. Ugh this one is pretty tricky! I vote to send Terry home. My answer to the Immunity Question would have to be George Dryer, because he just got his second chance with Stacey and I don't want him to blow this one!!
  6. Oh this is getting WAAAY tougher! I vote to send Mike Chadway home! My answer to the Immunity Question has got to be the obvious choice, Alex Rover, because he's an adventurer to the core(provided Alexandra doesn't hit a writer's block ) and his survival skills and quick whit could get him through anything!
  7. Oh goodness...definitely getting harder! I vote to send Mike Chadway home and send Creedy to Exile Island!
  8. My vote is to send Mike Chadway home and Creedy to Exile Island!
  9. Once again, I vote to send Dracula home and Creedy to Exile Island!
  10. Repeating myself from last week, my vote is to send Dracula home and Creedy to Exile Island!
  11. I vote to send Dracula home and send Creedy to Exile Island!
  12. this is getting so hard!!! (And for the record, I shall miss you, Stoick ) That being said, I vote to send Dracula and Kable home...Gerry was brilliant as both, as always, I just never felt as much of a connection with them as I did with all his other characters...
  13. ...Not ready to say good bye to Stoick just yet!!! (Just finished listening to the HTTYD2 soundtrack... ) So I'll vote to send Dracula and Tullus home!
  14. You're welcome! I'll try to give more later on whenever I can!
  15. A 1. Song......... Angel of Music 2. Famous Person......Andrew Lloyd Webber 3. Household Item...... 4. City.......Albuquerque 5. Movie...... Attila 6. Plant or flower..... 7. Food item....... 8. Mood....... 9. Something sweet.....Apple pie 10. Something you would like......
  16. ABC Name Game A) Aiden B) Brady C) Cody D) Demetrius E) Elroy F) Fabian G) Gregory (Would have gone with the obvious choice, but I figured that would be too obvious and didn't want to be a repeat ) H)
  17. I vote to send Tim and Marty home
  18. ABCs of Miracle Match (Game of Their Lives) A) America's finest moment in the world's greatest game B) Big game C) Cemetery D) Doubtful victory E) England team F) Frank Borghi G) Goalies H) Harry Keough I) Intense competition J) Jumping REALLY high K) Knee pads L) Louis Mandylor M) Muddy practice session N) New uniforms O) Outstanding achievement P) Pump for soccer ball Q) Quest for victory R) Rossdale, Gavin S) Shouting fans T) Team spirit
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