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  1. A 1. Song......... Angel of Music 2. Famous Person...... 3. Household Item...... 4. City....... 5. Movie...... 6. Plant or flower..... 7. Food item....... 8. Mood....... 9. Something sweet..... 10. Something you would like......
  2. Just donated as well via paypal...and of course I forgot to include my screen name lol It should be easy to figure out, though, as both my email and screen name start with Starbossa
  3. Send home Marty Claymore and Peter(Please!)
  4. Going with Jacko and Marty Claymore to be sent home...simply because I haven't seen those two movies yet...
  5. I vote to send home Burke and Kumac
  6. I vote to send Chris Kumac and Burke home!
  7. This is somewhat easy for me as I've only seen The Jury once and Dear Frankie multiple times...still, from what I remember, it's understandable why this is so hard for everyone, but there can only be one winner. Therefore, my vote is to say good bye to Johnnie...
  8. My vote is to send Johnnie home...the other choices are some of my absolute top faves!
  9. Considering I'm watching Chasing Mavericks as I view this thread, I can't bring myself to vote off Frosty! lol Instead, I vote to send Johnnie home.
  10. Ugh, so hard! But I'm gonna have to say good bye to Terry Sheridan....
  11. Gonna say buh bye to One-Two and send Creedy to Exile Island!
  12. No he wasn't...I found it kind of disappointing, in my opinion. Then again, I only watched it for Gerry...I don't usually watch talk shows unless Gerry or someone else in particular is going to be a guest...I mean at least he was given that one line to sing solo...I'd seen Minnie Driver mentioned as one of the celebs, but I didn't see her at all, and then I noticed Tim Allen in the crowd after the confetti for a split second...but again, this is just my opinion...I watch these things for the guests, rarely for the host, so I'm probably in the minority...
  13. Gonna go with Dracula and Jacko...
  14. Gonna go with Chaun and Dracula to go home!
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