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  1. Thank you that you have, I like that you are stylish and discreet, I like how the new and Events Thank you!

  2. не е променил статуса си

  3. Gerry needs a vaccine against stress! The safest place is among the relatives and loving people where to pamper and relax, which will play a role or to give explanations of world.He is a popular person and everyone is trying to touch , but such a strong and frightening experience inevitably changed and we must be patient and understanding, I am very happy that Gеrry will delight us with his acting and I am grateful to his guardian angel for this!
  4. Haaaappy Biiiirthday tooo youuu! Haaaappy Biiiirthday tooo youuu! Haaaappy Birthday! Haaaappy Birthday! Haaappyy Birthday dear Gerard!
  5. Welcome to GALS steffnay1 :)

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