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  1. Aw, shucks, gals. Thanks so much. The divorce isn't easy on them but I'll get them through this. We're going home to lots of family. Oh, and Emilie's new obsession is POTO. Am I raising her right? She walks around singing Christine's parts all the time. :inlove:
  2. I can't decide. I love Gerry is his natural state but he's looking HAWT all buffed up. For my RL man, I would want someone who isn't all that buffed. Someone natural. But next time, I'm marrying for money - not love!
  3. My apologies. I sorta added mine when I was filling out my profile. Can I keep my nickname as "Gerry's Skinny Latte"? Thanks.
  4. These two are the reason why I get up each morning.... Emilie is on the left and Shelby is on the right. My Horse-crazy girl, Shelby! My self-proclaimed Princess Emilie!
  5. Hey, Lish. That last one is my favorite one also! Well, next to the Wet Gerry one. :tasty:
  6. Suz! Thanks so much for making my friday with those pics. Bee-you-tee-ful!
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