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    GERRY, paranormal romances-esp. "Demonica" & "Black Dagger Brotherhood", GERRY, any type of puzzles, GERRY, the beach, GERRY, sci-fi/fantasy, GERRY, my hubby and our 4 furry, 4 legged kids...er, kitties and did I mention GERRY?

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  1. Happy Birthday Gerry. I hope the coming year is everything you dream of and more. Stay safe & be well, honey. Love & Hugs from Mandy in Putnam, CT
  2. I found a great photo in it this morning but when I went back a few minutes ago, I don't see it there. Can somebody help me please? Much obliged!
  3. Hello honey. I'm relieved that you recognized the danger of reliance on these medications - my nephew got into a very bad spot because of an addiction to these powerfully addictive drugs. I'm so proud of you for being proactive and taking steps to address the problem before it could spiral out of control. Remember, you've got the unwavering support of your family, friends and legions of dedicated fans. Nothing is more important to us than your well-being. More than any award you could ever win or accolade you might ever garner, we all want you to live a long and fulfilling, happy and healthy l
  4. Wow, great question! For me it'd have to be Johnnie. He's bottomed out in his life and come back from the brink. I love his sweetness, sensitivety and vulnerability. It makes me want to sheild him and protect him from harm...alternating with jumping his bones... Hugs... P
  5. Dearest, darling "Numpty"... Here's hoping you have a VERY Happy Birthday with many more to come. Best wishes and unwavering support to you in all of your endeavors, both personal & professional. Love you, sweetie! Paisley
  6. HEADS UP, TEXAS GALS! Coriolanus gets its Texas premiere screening tomorrow, 11/11/11 as part of the Cinema Arts Festival in Houston!! Love, Paisley3691
  7. I never had the privilege of getting to know Peggy but I am certain she will be watching over us all. Without a doubt she finds herself in a better place, free from pain and sickness. Deepest Sympathy to Peggy's family and friends during this great time of sorrow. Love, Paisley3691
  8. Hello Suzie... Thanks for the info. I've been around long enough to know that fan mail addresses are one step up from the dead letter office at the USPS! I'll watch for the birthday thread, though! Love, Mandy
  9. Hello everyone... Can anybody tell me if there is anything special planned for Gerry's birthday this year and/or if there is an address or general site or email that I can wish him a happy birthday on? It's going to be here before we know it. Thanks ladies and gentlemen! Paisley
  10. Keep up the great work everyone...people ARE paying attention! We are Gerry's GALS...hear us ROAR! Paisley
  11. Hello dear! I was just looking through the afterparty images...can you aor anyone tell me what the medallion that Gerry's holding is and where I might be able to get one?
  12. Hubby used to listen to ol' Howard years ago but (fortunately) burnt out on him quickly. The man's smart but he'll practice good taste and class when When I heard Gerry was going to be on, I thought oh, NO. I'm not at all surprised HS pulled that nasty shite on poor Gerry. That little YouTube clip was embarrassing to watch - I actually turned it off... Paisley
  13. Hello everybody! Wow. What a great article, and the fact that Gerry gets so emotional about it is just further affirmation of what we already know. This beautiful man is a truly caring, compassionate, sensitive, soulful creature. The interviews he's going to have to get through are going to be so hard on him...poor baby... Paisley3691
  14. Looking into your siggy link issues. I'm a BDB JUNKIE!! Ward can't write fast enough! Have you read the Fallen Angels series? Next one due Sept 6....I'm twitching. LOL

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