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  1. Hi Rendita, Thanks for replying. An idea is downloading the soundtrack booklet and take the files to be printed by a professional web designer. The person can easily set the print with the oficial measures of a cd cover/booklet. With the songs recorded in a cd and the booklet in hand, it becomes a collectible. And, the best aspect, is not a bootleg. #CollectorsSuffer xoxo from Brazil Karin
  2. Oi gente, não tem mais ninguém do Brasil por aqui? #Magoei
  3. Hi there Tess!! Can´t believe you´ve waited so long to become a member Welcome! xoxo from Brazil, Karin
  4. Let the World turn...

  5. Hi there Gals, Has anyone purchased the digital soundtrack for "Olympus Has Fallen"? I collect on Gerry, and I always try to get every original soundtrack of his movies. But this time, really... I´m confused. Was the album ever released as a cd? Is the digital music to be purchased and downloaded all we´ll ever get? For the ones who managed to purchase the entire album, how does the "digital booklet" look like? Is it available to print? I´m still wondering what to do here since I´m old school, and I love a soundtrack/ score cd as an object itself. xoxo from Brazil. Karin
  6. Great news! I´d like to know who will play Gary Oldman´s character... xoxo Karin
  7. Thanks for letting us know! I´ll run for the newstands right now! Love from Brazil, Karin
  8. Do you guys think Gerry will manage to shoot for "Motor City" until the end o f 2012? He has to be in Australia in January for the development of "Brilliant". It seems he will be staying in Shreveport until "Motor City" begins, then... Let´s see what happens - I do hope he is able to make all of these projects. Love from Brazil, Karin
  9. Another great news from GALS, thanks!! Love from Brazil, Karin
  10. FINALLY some Gerry in the newstands!! Thanks for the info Love from Brazil, Karin
  11. Hi Abrock :)

    Since you´re a video wiz, I thought I´d share this video I just came accross with today, of Gerry being filmed in 2011 inside a café by a hidden camera. I think one is inedit to mostly everyone, but the problem is this link doesn´t allow downloads. If you could make it downloadable online, it could help a lot of fans, sice he looks so cute in it.


  12. Yes, just as soon as Al Pacino reads this thread, he'll totally be in. LOL Ren That was my thinking too! I'm applying a little of Gerry's "think it and it will happen" projecting out in to the universe cosmic energies. Now I've got a headache! Delene Oh I love the idea! But, I´m afraid good ol´ Al would steal the Oscar from Gerry´s sweaty hands! However, he would never steal our heartsssss LOL xoxo Karin
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