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  1. , Gerry. (Sorry, I am a little late... ) Hopefully you had a wonderful day on 13 november, and will have a long, healthy, successfull and on the top of all: happy life. Gigi
  2. Presently it is to be regretted that I am not from the USA.
  3. Hey Hey! I cannot find LSIGM anywhere but it is on youtube here http://www.youtube.c...r/lucysullivan1 You can watch the entire series from here. I found a very rare copy of Fast Food on ebay, had to import it from USA and it was £15. There's one here http://www.ebay.co.u...=item35b3aebeb2 xxStephaniexx Thank you! P. S.: I really like your new siggy. Hi, would you send it to Hungary (Middle-Eastern Europe) too?
  4. Hi Gals, do you have any idea how to get one copy of Little White Lies? I have hunted high and low for it but I couldn't find it (nor Lucy Sullivan, nor Fast Food). Can you help me, please?
  5. I can hardly wait for this movie. Hopefully I don't have to wait more than others... (Hungary is punished because of steeling movies out of cinemas... )
  6. Oh, girls! How lucky you are...! You had a great time together... in . And on the top of all: Gerry called you...:swoon:OMG
  7. Have a real good time, everyone! Unfortunately I can't be there with you (neither virtually), but I expect the report about the Convention. Gigi
  8. Girls, I am sad, because I can't watch two of these videos (No other man, And I'm telling you). The others are amazing. I don't even know what to choose.
  9. An other hard decision... is loved by everyone, so I won't choose that. I am a Hun(garian) woman, maybe I should vote for . I chose as my favorite character, so I won't choose him again. :hmm:I am hesitating between The Ugly Truth and Rockandrolla. I will choose Rockandrolla because of the similarity between the personality of Gerry and OneTwo (and because I am not of a romantic kind).
  10. It was a hard decision for me, as I'm fond of Gerry's acting, the characters are all the same. But I read your answers, and I chose , because you forgot HIM.
  11. I would happily be there with you all in Las Vegas (I have never been in the USA yet), but actually I have no passport. And now I have neither enough money, but this is a problem what I could solve more easily. And I don't know anyone. I hope I will make great acquaintances here, and I can take part in the Convention next time. Have a good time, everyone!
  12. GigiScott

    Gerry fan ages

    I am 32 years old. And I am happy with my age. I feel much better than when I was under 30.
  13. I am 5'61. It's more than 5'6", isn't it?
  14. GigiScott

    Zodiac Sign

    I am a Capricorn with Leo Ascendant. (In two years I will finish my astrological studies. )
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