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  1. Hey Mel Woo hoo you posted it!! Thanks I knew you would when I asked but for emphasis I added the "I'm serious " part It's so cool Hugs Snap
  2. Wow I think alot of the Thank You's I wanted to say are listed above so here's my spin on it Thank You Holly ~ For making my 2 weeks in the states an unforgetable experience, for doing most of the driving, for sharing your family with me, for being silly, impulsive, crazy, funny and for just being there! Dayna ~ for making this years con the best so far. For asking me if I wanted to see the video before it was screened it meant alot (even though I still cried) and for just hanging out with us all! Jenni ~ for signing my books and for being the great organiser that you are! Mods + Admins ~ for basically running the show and putting on the ritz! It was awesome Big Mike ~ for making me laugh and showing me aboot town Leslie ~ For laughing with me and trying to gross me out! Remember I don't shock but it dosen't mean I'm not appalled. For signing my books agenerally just being a great roomie Zany ~ If ever a name suited someone! Hugs to you for being a totally class roomie who certainly belongs on the Kinks wing Pervin ~ The Birthday girl for hanging put with me on the haunted tour and POTO and for as Leslie said you razor sharp wit! Quiet my arse!! Jilly ~ For one of the best greetings I think I could of ever had! I think Big Mike might still be deaf. For hanging out and being your usual adorable self Issy ~ For giving me a great present I will never forget it.......you are so awesome!! Aimee ~ For getting drunk with me at 2pm on a friday!! also for organising the transport 2 and from POTO , hugs x Susan ~ for the awesome raffle but mostly for my prize which I will post pics of! It's so pretty! Binks ~ for being my hang out chick and arranging Haunted Vegas with Mike. I loved it oh and basically getting us the Hilton! Elissa and Texas Gramma ~ Ladies what can I say? It was a pleasure to meet you and Erin. Thanks for Beo's gift bag and Suzie thanks for one of the funniest comments of the whole con except I don't think I can post it here lol! Jenny ~ for hanging with us and talking Gerry smack! Pammie ~ For my CD which is awesome and dancing the night away! SwJen ~ even though we didn't get a chance to spend a whole lot of time together thanks for making our moments fun, appletini's anyone!! Moira ~ For being my hang out girlie and letting me tag along! for introducing me to the wizard and zeus even if I didn't win a penny!! Martin ~ for being gracious, sweet, charming and all about the G-man!! Oh and signing my Tee!! Jenn ~ for being there in spirit and sending Creedy along for the ride! Katie ~ for your voice and sharing POTO with us! Val ~ for sticking with us through dinner! To everyone I got a chance to meet for the first time and hug again for the 2nd. This trip was amazing and it's all thanks to the people on it xx I'll edit this if I missed anyone!! Hugs Snap
  3. Hey all Not much time to post! i'm in the apple store in the Fashion mall in Vegas with Moira. I start the long trek home at 4am (poor me) Before I get to my big post I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the mods, admins and anyone else involved in making this one of the best times I've had, EVER!! From arriving in a twister, to walking the french qtr and then becoming a DIRRRTY MARTIN-I!! It has honestly been a one of a kind trip!! The only thing that would make it better would have been to have all the Gals who couldn't make it ARRIVE and have enjoyed themselves as much as I have. Ok now the guy is giving me funny looks here cause we are hogging the comps Hugs and loves Snap xx
  4. Holy Crap that is awesome!!! Way to go Girlies and Guyies!! Susan are you including the blue and red tickets or just the red? I got about 100 in blue and 20 in red. Hugs Snap
  5. Emailed ya xx 8 days wooooooooooooooooooooo
  6. Hi All I'm rooming with some peeps till the mon when I think everyone is heading off I'm there till wednesday so if anyone wants to room Mon and Tues or just wants to hang out you can catch me in Vegas xx
  7. Hi Gals 2 weeks and 2 days WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Till I get into The states OMG I'm so excited Spot and BIG MIKE will be in Vegas, baby!! Knight Phantom and Sally Irish Poppy LeslieDcup RandomLanda Swansong zanyzombie touchmetrustme scottish spazz stacie-in-nebraska AimeeMarie Susan~Sporran Jenny Texas gramma Songbird IListen Lady Elissa Good Sport redroseblackribbon & Donny RezzRN gmscowgirlred MizSamBewitched SpencerJames7 phoenixgirl Bermos and Carol kittypro GEMSTONE stagewomanjen gerrynutSNAP hehehe
  8. OMG I was looking at Martins pic for ages and thought Hmmm I know him?? DOH " The renford rejects" that and many other Nick shows helped me with the boredom of lying flat on my back(not as fun as it sounds gutter gals) last summer and missing vegas! It'll be great to meet him! Of course he was about 15 in the show so he's all grown up now........come to mama!! Thanks Dayna
  9. Hey Dayna I sent my pics to you. If you have any trouble with them just let me know Hugs Celine
  10. Hey Dr. EM Do you still need stories? My mother survived breast cancer in 1999 and was clear for 5 years before she passed away. I just need to get a pic scanned up onto the comp as I don't have any on the computer Let me know if you want her story? hugs Celine
  11. A kilted man is fighting me for the prize Shall I let him win ladies???? Nah......
  12. Hey Gals When I was in vegas in '06 I didn't get to see any of it! So this year I plan on touring around and I'd love to see some show-things lol If Spots busy and can't come with convention things I might hook up some of ye lot and do the tourist thing Hugs Snap xx
  13. Hey jenn I'm coming in on wednesday with Holly but I'm not sure of the time. If I can make it I'd love to do the tour with you! I'll get my details and let you know hugs xx
  14. Pammy girl I'm gonna pass on it, myself and Holly and Mike are gonna hang so! It sound like a blast! Can't wait to se you again girl.............xx
  15. I agree with Galway girl...love that song and loved the way he sang it Mundy's "galway girl" has been No.1 in Ireland for weeks now! It's my ringtone I love it!! Wait. Wait. Wait. Do you mean that you actually have that recording in your phone? Or are you talking about how you imagine hearing his voice? It's on my phone. I had a friend turn it into a ringtone for me. I think there are MANY of us who have it on our phones. So, yes, I ACTUALLY wake up every morning to Gerry's beautiful voice . . . Lisa This was my tone till my phone was robbed the mutha feckers!!! Vegas '08 I'll get it back Ok Gerry singing to me has to be "sweet child of mine" Guns'n'roses ..................so HOTT then theres "freak me" by another level, uk gals will know it it goes like this ahem............I wanna lick you up and down, till you say stop, I wanna play with your body baby make you real hot, I wanna do anything you want me to do cause tonight baby I wanna get freaky with you!!! OMG I think I just had a Gerrygasam!!!!
  16. Well Done Di I know it was your calling and dream! Good luck in portland! Hope to talk with you soon Love Snap xx
  17. He he I just saw this in the paper and was logging on to see if this is true........(well as true as we'll ever know wihout Gerry saying it) I'm happy for him! I know it's hard to start a relationship in the public eye and she is so HIGH profile that they would be swamped with paps..............having said that I think Gerry is very good at keeping things private so I wish him the best. I love the fact that Cameron is like all of us....can look like a bag of lego "in bits" or when sh is done up stunning Hugs Celine
  18. I love the fact that Gerry has reached a certain level and hasn't turned into a complete arse, he can still be real, funny, charming and sexy! He made me Laugh out loud it's a rare thing btw the way Spot your AVI is so Gutter!!!
  19. Ok I'll share I think this time I'll do an EWWWWWWWWW instead of an OOOOHHHHHHHHHH My dear friend Louise(alot of you will know her as my bessie ) had an uncle called Michael basically like a father to her and he passed away about 7yrs ago now. So being her rock I went to the funeral in Galway, I don't really know the family but they were all nice etc. So after the funeral mass we all head to the pub for a few scoops, anyone who has been to an Irish funeral knows that a few scoops turns into loads which leads to extreme drunkardness.........anywho I was on the southern comfort my drink of choice in them days.........now I must say I wasn't a big drinker I usually knew my limit but alas not this night.........so we'd been drinking since the afternoon and it's rolling on 9pm(hardcore eh) I feel a little queazy so I went to the toilet.......where I proceeded to be ill......I forgot to say I'd never before been ill from drink so I was abit in shock and not thinking straight...............I was sitting on the loo willing myself not to throw-up put my hand across my mouth and got ill in my hand causing a backsplash onto my light blue shirt..........only then did I actually think of the loo.......I finished and went to check my reflection not too bad a bit of colour back in the cheeks my only give away was the now dark marks on my top which I couldn't cover up I was mortified..........when I sat back down Lou asked me what happened all her relatives were listening in so what did I say "water pressure" in the taps caused me to splash myself..............I told Lou when we got back what had happened and you know what she said ? " I was wondering cause when I went into the loo I could barely get any water from the tap the pressure was so low"..........apparntly it was always low. Everyone knew what had happened but didn't want me to get too embarassed so just never said anything! I cringe to this day thinking of it these things happen Snap xx
  20. To quote Spot SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE It's no 8 for me, it's the smirk I can't help it he looooooks so darn SEXY!!!! Thanks Foxxy Hugs Celine
  21. Hey Issy I'm going to POTO but I saw the costumes already and while they are beautiful I think I'll be sipping a cocktail by the pool that day woooooooooooohooooooooooooo can't wait to see you hun and Jillybean aswell!!!!! :yay: I'll be sure to have a yellow towel on constant stand-by, we got ya covered Girl!!!!
  22. Hi Ladies I have no flair for this kinda thing so my only talent will be showing up, which I plan on aceing I missed it last year but did really enjoy watching the vids and would like to see a showcase this year but either way I'm easy hugs Snap xx
  23. I wanna spruce up my wardrobe for Vegas so I'm looking for a new cool design!! I have no talent for making the designs but I wil gladly buy
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