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  1. Odeon list it but don't have any show times or booking option! I have a horrible feeling we won't get a chance to see it over here!
  2. Maybe they should rename this film 'Olympus Has Shorn Him'!! He looks fantastic! Thank you! x
  3. Maybe their razors have a nice "designer stubble" setting!
  4. Looks like he he is taking it a bit more sensible for WHT! "Gerard is starring in White House Taken, playing a Secret Service agent protecting the President from an imminent attack. The 42-year-old star has vowed to get in shape for his big screen outing. "It's a Lethal Weapon/Die Hard unapologetic action movie," he explained. "I just kind of started, I don't want to get too big. But definitely more cut." Source
  5. Although this sounds like an interesting project, I'm not sure how I feel about Gerry "Beefing up" for the role. He has suffered enough with previous roles like 300 and Gamer where he had to train so intently and still has pain issues and injuries related to those and other roles and the training he did. I was hoping with recent films like MGP and Coriolanus that he would start getting away from action films and focus on more character-driven roles (yes I know both of those films had some action scenes, but you know what I mean!). I just hope he doesn't do any more damage with this next run of action films.
  6. I can't see Gerry spending a huge amount of time filming this movie. I am reading the book at the moment and although I am only a third of the way through, his character, Colonel Eric Schwartz, isn't in it a huge amount. I would imagine it will be a bit like Black Hawk Down with lots of different characters, rather than focusing on one or two main ones. According to this article the film will use a mixture of live action and CGI to create “a highly intense tank battle.” So, maybe we will see Gerry on screen, with the CGI part being used for the tank shots?
  7. I kinda had a feeling that after his little rest between projects G would throw himself quite intently into training for this game! No doubt he will show up without an ounce of fat on him and run around non-stop like he did at the Celtic game. Our boy doesn't do anything by halves!
  8. Nice photo thank you! Looks like Gerry is wearing an Argentinian National Soccer Team shirt in that photo. Wonder where he got that from? On his travels maybe.
  9. Thank you Suzie! We will only be visiting during the day, so hopefully will keep expenses to a minimum! I love walking/hiking and photography so should be fun! We visited Carmel and Monterey when we came over on honeymoon and those places were indeed beautuful, as I think will be Half Moon Bay x
  10. Hi Californian GALS! Wasn't sure if this was the right place to post this, but I will be visiting SF from the UK in October and would like to visit the Mavericks/Half moon bay area. Anyone with local knowledge able to answer the following; 1) What is the best way to get there from SF? Is there a bus or something? 2) What is the best town to go to. Princeton-by-the-Sea is mentioned in a few articles about Mavericks. I'm looking to go somewhere with a few nice restaurants and some good views and walks and maybe take in some of the locations where they filmed the movie. Thanks in advance California GALS! x
  11. Wow, thank you! It's the "Gerry gets wet" Synchronicity again!
  12. Thank you Barb! I am so looking forward to this. I loved the Celtic Legends game and it was brilliant watching Gerry play for so long. I bet he is chuffed that Kenny Dalglish is manager. Kenny is a Celtic legend and played for and managed Gerry's beloved club.
  13. I am abandoning my country for the day to support team Gerry! Either that or we could hope for a 3-3 draw with Gerry getting a hat trick!
  14. Glad for my U.S brothers and sisters! ..and hopefully your wait will be rewarded by extras!! (unlike the U.K. version!) Just hope all those other people who got excited over the Kony thing will still remember it and buy the DVD! x
  15. I feel for my U.S GAL brothers and sisters If it makes you feel any better we had a fairly limited cinema release in the UK too (although we don't have to travel quite as far over here to find the nearest movie theatre showing a particular film as some of you guys do!) My local cinema only had it on for a week, showing at stupid times like 2pm in the afternoon! As far as I know, it is only showing on Sky Movies and Filmflex as a pay per view. Movies on there usually come out the same time as the DVD. Also, on a plus note for you, the U.S will be getting Coriolanus on DVD before we do! I hope MGP gets released on DVD in the U.S. soon. I can't believe they are not taking advantage of all the publicity for the Kony thing!! x
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