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  1. LOL I guess my job which involves studying fuzzy photos of people and finding them in real life come has come in handy GALwise! x
  2. Thank you GALS. The more I look at it and based on the timing and the small cast, I think it probably is him. The photo in the programme shows him very clean cut for this play, but actors never look like their programme photo and he did have longer hair and a beard when he was younger too. It's weird because he looks like he does now in OMAM so I guess lots of things are coming full circle and adding to the whole synchronicity thing!
  3. Shakespeare isn't everyone's cup of tea, so it might be a good idea for people to familiarise themselves with the story of Coriolanus before seeing the film, that way if they can't keep up with all the dialogue, they at least don't lose the plot. I haven't seen it yet, but I get the impression that a lot of the film is visual anyway, so it isn't crucial to understand every last word. To quote Gerry when they showed the fight scene with him and Ralph Fiennes on Graham Norton..."talk about accessible Shakespeare, you don't even have to listen to any Shakespeare!" or words to that effect!
  4. While looking up the original stage version of Coriolanus that Gerry was in as his first acting role, I came across this picture and I'm trying to work out if that is Gerry in it! Look at the guy fifth from left with the beard. It does kinda look like him, but the photo is a bit fuzzy. Unfortunately he is sitting down, so his usual height giveaway isn't much help! He was in that production as a 'spear chucker' rather than one of the main roles, so it's difficult to tell if it's him or not as he isn't credited in this picture. x
  5. Thank you so much Barb, what an amazing find! Gerry looks fantastic in this role. So intense! I love his concentration in the scene where he is shooting from the balcony. Can't wait to see the movie! x
  6. Gerry at number 2! Come on GALS he looks stunning in that 3 piece! x
  7. I think I read somewhere that he has some footage on his phone that he was showing people at the GGs (presumably not that he filmed himself!!!). My only concern with them releasing it is that some people would probably accuse them of it being cheap publicity for the film, although in reality it would serve to highlight the dangers of Mavericks. Getting back to the GGs, thank you for all the photos. I must say Gerry looks absolutely stunning in that tux and I love the waistcoat. That boy sure does scrub up well! It's good to see he still has his surf bracelet too
  8. I think he would get a kick out of it (no pun intended!) The hardest part was getting Gerry to score so I could capture the replay! In the end he got a couple of goals, but that one had the best celebration. It's quite nice having my own little CGI Gerry who I can play with when I want!
  9. He should wear that outfit more often..that would confuse the paps!!!
  10. Hi Swannie,

    Just wanted to say that was a great message you posted to Gerry on here today. Sums up the way a lot of us feel!


  11. What a fantastic interview. Thank you Barb! I was heartened to read the bit "He is dating "a little bit" but won't say any more". Let's hope this year is the year he finds 'the special one'! It was also nice to hear the comments about his fans. I worry sometime when I see clips of people screaming his name at premieres etc, or hassling him too much that he will get fed up with it, so it's good to hear he does still care about those of us who have come to love and care about him. It's also good to know that he now realises that lots of people would be hurt if he started getting too reckless! x
  12. Thank you! That is such a fantastic photo. It really captures Gerry's intensity and thoughtfulness. The lighting really adds to the mood as well. Let's hope a high res version emerges at some stage! x
  13. He has just got off a plane and is jet lagged and is probably knackered then some pap sticks a camera and a flash in his face!! Let's not start going down the 'he is sad/ill' route again please GALS! x
  14. He was photographed at Glasgow airport today. G-Man is home! Let's hope he has a lovely relaxing holiday in Scotland. Think he deserves it this year! x
  15. I think it is good that the ESPN photographer who was there when Gerry came out of the water with his 'hundred yard stare' either didn't take photos of him at that moment, or didn't publish any out of respect of his dignity and privacy. I suppose it is also possible that he was asked not to too, but either way, fair play to him as I'm sure he could have made a lot of money with a photo like that in the press.
  16. It's amazing how much of this "synchronicity" thing does crop up. There has always been the Gerry water connections, and the fact he saved a boy from drowning. Also rather freakishly I had a load of surfing stuff as my Secret Santa gifts on the day before as I am doing surfing as part of my 'bucket list'! Hopefully if Gerry does have any delayed reaction, he will use it in a positive way. x
  17. I think Gerry has just cashed in his good Khama from saving the boy from drowning a few years ago. Let's hope he doesn't have to go back in any more. Sounds like a freak occurance of unpredicted wave sets that no-one was expecting, in a supposedly safe area occured. I think Gerry's intensity in preparing for a role probably saved his life this time. Very scary close call! x
  18. Thanks for posting that. I'm in agreement with some of the GALS. Yes, Gerry looks lovely, but as a poster it isn't great! It looks more like the cover of a menswear catalogue than a movie poster! No hint of the football theme or anything.
  19. Empire Film Magazine (one of the biggest film magazines in the UK) have just opened the voting for their film awards. It's easy to do (you don't have to register or vote for all the other categories) and this is our chance to vote for Gerry's amazing performance in MGP. (maybe post it on other Gerry forums/websites to spread the word!) This is our chance to be heard for Gerry, Sam and MGP! Link here
  20. Have just got round to ordering this and can't wait to see it. Have seen clips and the short extras on B&G, but an hour long interview with G is worth the price alone. You don't get those length Gerry interviews anymore, Howard Stern aside! B&G was such a beautiful film I felt obliged to see all the work that went into it. You're gonna die when you see it! It's one of the best treasures for a hardcore fan! Theresa Can't wait Theresa! Have ordered it on Amazon.com so will take a while to come to the U.K. I should get a discount as my surname (Risby) is of Viking descent! (OK, I know it was filmed in Iceland, but you see the connection!) ÉG ást Gerry! It arrived yesterday, I watched it last night, and all I can say is.. This DVD must rate as one of the best buys for any Gerry fan! The hour long interview is fantastic (and ironically took my mind off my own migraine headache!) and the "extras" include some great stuff. If you don't have it...go get it now!!!!!
  21. Couldnt agree more! I saw only one UK interview with Gerry and even then it wasn't on one of the big channels and the people of the UK dont honestly know enough about Sam Childers to embrace the movie with open arms. (That's unless you physically search the stuff yourself) Pretty poor release time/date with Twilight franchise too, MGP was wiped off my local theatre within a week to make way for Twilight on 4 screens! I dont think the UK will see MGP again until release o DVD or possible re-release in London,. Stephanie They didn't even review the film on "Film 2011" in the UK (our biggest film review programme that has been going for years), just an interview with Gerry about his fave films. At my local cinema it was on for a week, then moved to a 2pm in the afternoon time slot only..who goes to see films at that time!??? The only advertising that I saw was on Sky (cable/satellite).
  22. I think this choice is more about chosing a photo that looks like an 'arty photo' rather than one that captures Gerry's true spirit, which is a shame. I think the one at the top of the forum at the Celtic game would sum that up pretty well!
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