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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It is one of my favourites and it wasn't anywhere on YouTube which was a shame. I don't remember where I found it orininally, but I thought it would be worth sharing it on YouTube, give it a wider audience, that's why I uploaded it. Maybe it's somewhere in the GBGals download section too but I couldn't find it. Theresa Thank you for uploading it Theresa. Fantastic work!
  2. Hi Gals, Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, but I came across a great Dear Frankie interview I thought I'd seen most of his interviews by now but this is a lovely one (11 minutes worth!). I found it especially moving about half way through when Gerry talks about his drink problem when he was younger. It really moved me and I think it is very brave of Gerry to be so open about it. Enjoy! x
  3. Thank you Gals! x

  4. Gerry is looking fantastic and has clearly been putting some hard work in to stay in shape. I get the feeling that for this upcoming role in Mavericks that he will totally throw himself into training for it like he did with his body for 300 and his voice for POTO. By the time he starts filming he will probably be on the pro surfing circuit! My only slight concern about those pics is he looks a bit annoyed in a few. Wish those photographers would give him some peace sometimes
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