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  1. *sneaks out of Ellora's Cave* Welcome to the newbies!! Just a quick hi and mostly a huge hug to Cat!! Hope you and yours are well and happy! *off again to spelunk in a particularly interesting cave *
  2. *staggers back into thread* *looks around* Wow.. things have been quiet here! sees Fee, Candy, TW the visiting mods and other old friends.... *runs over to tackle Gerry group hugs from all* Hi All... have returned from the wilderness that is real life sh*te and Gerry Interuptus!! :yippee: *sees CLU* Hi there!! Another Aussie to join the insanity!! So.... GALS... what's been happening in your worlds .... or Gerry's for that matter... because I KNOW you don't need to hear my sh*te!
  3. *staggers into thread....* OMG I'm soo glad to be back home with my GALS!!! Missed you all and the insanity. What have you all been up to? Camping was camping.. it rained, it got windy and the landscape was spectacular. So... where are we off to on Saturday night to run amok? Or at least gossip loudly over copious quantities of grape and grain.... Sarah, entertainment books are our friends ::
  4. Hello Gorgeous Gals!!! Well am off to Moreton Island tomorrow morning for the major camping operation known as BF's 40th!! Wish me luck as I don't expect to make it back in the same condition that I went over in... but that MAY be a good thing... :cool: Don't know about cabs or wotnot yet... will have to see what I can wangle... Hugs to all you and don't go sane on me while I'm gone!!
  5. OOhh party on the 20th!! :headspin: Now I just have to figure out the getting home bit May have to get BF to rescue me in wee small hours or something... Am just happy to be catching up with everyone
  6. Had a good time this afternoon Sarah, just not overly energetic today as I mentioned :cool: TW, I am placing my order now for piccies of this impressive outfit for Vegas!! And yes, looking forward to the 20th!! Fee, hope you're feeling better
  7. well Sarah count me in too in the next couple of days.... argh!!
  8. *races into thread... :hugsandsnogs: to all you lovely gals!! ...races out of thread...*
  9. Ello All!! Am sure we can find some acceptable eatery to gossip fest at. Just get your gorgeous self up here Cat!! Am happily busy and must admit, not staying at work longer than I have to so can spend time with BF... nauseating I know but hey, at least we're not saccharine to be around... he's too much a practical Taurean for that! Now, what has everyone else been up to?
  10. Ello All!! Am just dropping by after cleaning house this weekend prior to BF arriving home TODAY after 5 sodding months in Denmark!! Will absolutely catch up with one and all of you that weekend.. have already told BF I have PLANS!! for that weekend :: Will take suggestions re restaurant ??? Hugs to all and will post when I can and definitely whilst I'm at work!! :headspin:
  11. Aww Fee... we wuvs ya !! Next time darlin'!! :headspin:
  12. OK, very relieved to not be alone in my wonkiness :: I just had some quiet time in the morning to reflect on ANZAC Day then had family over for the afternoon evening to just hang out and catch up. A good day alll in all. And yes Candy, twas spent mostly outside in the sunshine watching the boats on the bay.... OK, Sarah and Fee you are too quiet!!
  13. ooh Candy will look forward to seeing the pics!! ello all!! Is it just me or is this week feeling wonky with ANZAC Day on a Tuesday?
  14. Sorry darlin' I'd put watching BB right up there with being tied down by a fat, ugly elf and being forced to eat offal whilst watching Barry Manilow as a musical guest star on Diff'rent Strokes or summat. But hugs and hi to you all!!
  15. Morning All!! Hi Fee, had a lazy rest of Easter weekend which is exactly what I needed...however, doesn't mean I'm thrilled to be back at work... sigh... Candy!! hey stranger how have you been? TW, glad to hear that someone's motivated!! And a shot just because I like him...
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