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  1. Carolyn and thank you so much for sharing!!!
  2. *blows raspberry at Sarah* I don't know.. these young things today.. no staying power
  3. nah they're 13 and 15 and great boys... may be the last sleepover I host they've grown out of em I expect Bugger I'm gonna miss The Jury :angry: But she's not lying Fee.. nasty arse monster yawns at you... shameless she is!!
  4. Hey Sarah and Fee!@! Great to see you both here again! I know, we'll have to sort something out in the next few weeks!! I expect to meet you Fee before TW comes up again!! Though am hosting a sleepover Saturday night weekend next for nephews before a requisite trip to Dreamworld! :headspin:
  5. Hi Candy!! Was wondering what you've been up to!! Take care of you and get well!!
  6. Ello!! Just remember Sarah I still want to see GOTL!! Please don't wear that DVD out before I get to see it! Yeah was annoyed at House repeat but watched it anyway!!
  7. Tsk tsk...another addict... Would have loved to join you but am catching up with friend who just broke up with a long time BF. So it's comfort food in and chick flicks for me... but thanks so much for the invite! Fee and I are just not destined to meet any time soon... sigh... Hugs to all!!
  8. Greetings all Hugs to TW off in the world. Boob squishing hugs to Sarah and here's hoping you don't become a Gerry like Starbucks addict...it's just too expensive How are you going Candy and Aussierose? I'm finally kicking back and enjoying some down time...
  9. *sending a boob squishing hug to Sarah* Hey Candy!! Where have you been hiding??? Come out and play more!!
  10. Aww Sarah... sending a boob squishing hug your way!!!
  11. Hi Gals Yes I also was scared almost witless last night by Supernatural. Hopefully they booted [or at least gave a stern talking to] the goose who wrote the insects epi. Will try to sneak in here later today myself despite clients...
  12. Hi AR well I'm sorry we didn't get to catch up again... and here I was starting to wonder whether twas moi or the maltersers Sarah, those shoes sound great and a lot like the ones I was looking at. I'm just hoping for your sake the Fire Engine calmed down TW and Candy...hope you both enjoyed the weekend!! Me, have just scarfed down some lunch and will be seeing another client again in a few...argh...but need the $$ so must smile and be polite. Would rather be playing with you gals. :headspin: ciao!!
  13. Sarah you are more than welcome... glad you found some tempting shoes... will have to check them out and see if they were the ones I was eyeing off next time! Well done on the cardy too!! So happy to help a sister budgeter TW we raised a glass to you last night and wished you were with us. You MUST come up again and visit soon! We need to have verra late nights being Gals and hunt down a spectacular breakfast [make mine Eggs Benedict] to be consumed in some café with our sunglasses on at a leisurely pace as we watch the world watching us go by... :cool:
  14. Well of course we did...but you forgot to mention the white wine, maltesers [purley for the endorphins] and the audition scene!! :tasty: TW, Yay for the Brumbies winning!!! And also for lovely dinner at The Boathouse. Verra posh!!
  15. ooooooo look!! *points up to the left singing* TW made me an avi... TW made me an avi... Is it not grand? :inlove: from she who must gaze upon the wonder that is TWs pantry
  16. *runs up and pounces on Sarah* Hi Stranger!!! It's been sooo quiet here without you. Sounds like your life is changing .... remember, we're here for hugs if you need 'em!! A Tupperware Party? Haven't been to one in years.... seriously, could you pick me up a catalogue and price list? Pretty Please? OK, so I have a somewhat Tupperised pantry... I admit this stuns most people who know me but hey, one must have a fetish of some kind no?
  17. It's lurvely TW And you never know your luck in a big city.... so you may have to move from the A.C.T!!!
  18. Hugs to all having FTB days!! TW your new avi looks brill!! Well done there Gal
  19. Hi All!! TW I hope you're feeling better soon... or at least a handsome man if that's not possible!! Great to see you here APJ!! Yes I too ma relieved that the Con seems to be coming together now. I expect the next issue with that will be fundraising but that's another story for another time. Miss you too Sarah... come visit!! :bootyshake: Candy I understand where you're coming from!! Dreams are still free though Gals!!
  20. Just sending thoughts your way Dawn. There is no easy way through times like this but I hope knowing others care will ease your burden. And GEG yes I expect you do recognise the woman in my siggy. I've been an amazon basically since I was 8, have enjoyed LL since H:TLJ and TW thought we looked similar soo... meh, I lurve it!!
  21. Begs the question...does a vintage fart have a better bouquet? So, the board is abuzz with the new pics.... For myself, they both look gorgeous....thoughts?
  22. Hi All!! Good to talk to you as well TW! Great to see you back Sarah...don't let work send you sane!! And Fergie I'm sure TW will ably represent us Aussies in Vegas... question is...will Vegas survive? :mopboyerik: And as it doesn't look as if we'll see Gerry on the Red Carpet I'm posting this for your viewing pleasure:
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