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  1. Morning All!! TW I wasn't lurking REALLY...it just takes a while to read Hi Roxy!! Glad my 'coming out' could convince someone else to! A big thanks to Beachie, Lish and Cleobethra for the welcome!! And you're right Bethy, my siggy and slice rock!! Thanks again TW :yippee: So, I'm hoping to hear all the updates from the red carpet... beware TW now I know you're home you may be hearing from me in the afternoon!! :muahaha2:
  2. Hi Candly, So the South Aussie tarts already have planning meetings underway.... :cool: ... sounds like a serious assault is going to be launched there!! But who was this guy you were talking about
  3. *takes deap breath and jumps in....* Hi All!! I'm fairly new to the site [despite my wonderful TW siggy and slice] and have never posted on the Support Centre thread .. I'm usually hanging out in the Aussie thread where I feel safe... ...but I thought I'd finally admit to my existence and start 'joining' by waving to everyone here Have no real script idea at the moment that is the right age range for Gerry but will ponder upon it. Later!!
  4. Congratulations Cailleach!!! Let us know how you go!!
  5. Yeah...be careful of TW Fergie... she's a wild one!!!! :cool: Or she'd better be!!
  6. Hi Jennifer!! to the thread! I'm with TW, "We know it's gorgeous and we love it here. " Hope you get to visit Oz again but until then... Make sure you visit us here :: Soo gals... it's the weekend :yippee: Plans? Play? Perversions? [wait...how did that get there?]
  7. Yep Candy...looks as if real life has been taking most of us away for a while.. But we WILL return :muahaha2:
  8. *looks around.... yawns...* Morning!! Hi Candy and Thanks Fergie MGS for a lovely way to start my morning. Wowl...where is everyone? Meh, Well my younger brother is moved and on the weekend I have the dubious pleasure of helping him with cleaning up *insert scary music* THE AFTERMATH. How's the week been progressing for everyone? Me, I'd prefer to run off to an island but will stagger off to work instead. OOOH and what do we all think of Gerry's new movie??? Have a great one and just to keep us all going today...
  9. that man is soo thudworthy and Raoul hasn't exactly been beaten around head and shoulders with the ugly stick either. Thanks so much FergieMGS for posting the pic!!
  10. Morning All!!! Sarah just remember... it ain't forever darling... though I fear the thread will waste away without you and Candy!! Yep I watched... that line was good... not the best episode [yes ending sucked] but lots of jensen :tasty: Oh and :moon: to all painful people at work TW hope you're recharging and ready to take on the world... or a least the odd continent... :terrymuscles: Candy just think girl $$ for Con!! And just to start the day of right.... remember to shaower first gals!!
  11. welcome to the thread beachie!! oooh Candy Ioan is looking mighty fine there :wideeyes: Here's another!! Hope the MIA gals are doing well!!
  12. Ah Christian is one of my faves... And it actually got quiet for an hour or so, soo....
  13. Why thanks Suz!! :cool: And just because I'm sure it's still Sunday SOMEWHERE in the world ....
  14. Morning All and Hi to Suz!! TW I'm going with the feather on that one thanks! Sarah I thought about it and I don't want Simon's life cos I don't want his wobbly bits and everything that goes with 'em. :smileydavid: And Candy... way to go on paying up on your hottie debt from yesterday! :tasty: Got up early for an early morning client who didn't show up... sodding rude people... :angry: anyway means I gets to post though!! :cool:
  15. hmm and he cooks!! Here's one for the sporting bums though... tried to resize but photobucket went bleh on me so you get it inall it's glory...
  16. Hi Susan!! You come bearing bare Hugh Jackman as gifts :tasty: ...how could you not be welcome ?? :: Now, what is all this about TW flashing in Vegas? You know, many phones have cameras these days and I'm wanting pics of that!! And continuing on the Aussie theme... another Eric Bana.....
  17. Awww TW, sorry to hear about recalcitrant computers... don't let technology stop you from having a good time!!! Oh yes Mark Harmon is an old fave as well.... Here's someone I wouldn't kick out of bed...well only if he stole the doona during winter anyway...
  18. Hi Phantomrose!!! So far only TW from here is going that I know of .... Found another James Puresex pic... Candy girl nice save there with Johnny!!!
  19. Just had to post another Christian one.... How's the day going gals??
  20. Michael T an old fave here too... And Jensen is cute if vertically challenged This guy doesn't suck either... pity I never got to see him in Rome... apparently he did a nekkid scene... :tasty: Gals, James Purefoy aka James Puresex... Will have to find a better pic of him when I come back....
  21. We didn't see you on skype and I looked!!! You're like me...need to go visible on there every now and then Oh, and for no particular reason but just because I'm flexible...
  22. I have a siggy, I have a siggy!!! *points down excitedly to siggy and slice* :inlove: Many thanks to TW for her creativity. Ice Cream?? oooh yes. But not Vanilla My absolute favourite is from Cold Rock, Tiara m'su or Ferrero Rocher Flavour with Choc Chip Cookie Dough... definitely not your average :cool: And Candy, what did you break down and buy??!
  23. oooh I likes milk.... can I have milo in mine... possibly with a dash of Kahlua? Served up by :mopboymarek:
  24. Well you'd better party hard enough for all of us!!! Which given what I've seen of you and Sarah and know of myself is soooome party... :headspin:
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