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  1. And there Candy endeth today's lesson :cool: ooh TW... you mean I get a whole cake and a slice too? hmm... yes, a slice would be nice... I can torment all the other dialup people [me at home for example] Merci bien TW!! *slinks back to sodding packing..... and would so much rather be getting a massage on a beach from :mopboymarek: or Eric Bana or Christian Bale... hey, I'm flexible!!*
  2. Morning... After evening the DF fest at Sarah's ...didn't get home till well after midnight... Sodding birds woke me up about 6.30am .... couldn't get back to sleep ...grrr... So tried to convince self am still a healthy person... took pity on wimpering lazy hound and went for a jog... truly disgusting behaviour for a Saturday morning... I can see my punishment now... packing and more packing of brothers house...ARGH!! Good on you Sarah for making him clean it up!!! Thanks for the review aussierose and candy, sounds like you had some fun too. Excellent way to start the weekend *wave
  3. Hi All, Well candy if you're looking for an education I think these gals are just the ones to help you out. Just be sure you want to know the answers!! You have a spectacular time over the weekend TW.. you deserve it!! huggles to all in TNLW of course!!
  4. A No?!?! :angry: mutter... mutter... well all I can say is You deserve an emergency care package of wine and choccys!! Just sorry I can't get Gerry or Jensen to deliver 'em!!
  5. Yes, TW we got in there and had a chat! :yippee: You'll have to come join us some time. Thank you kindly for my booster shot of vitamin GB And remember gals.... Smile... cos it irritates the H*ll out of the pessimists!!
  6. Grrr have you any idea how long it takes dialup to load chat?? Ah but once we're in there :yippee:
  7. candy and sarah if you're both still here meet you in chat?
  8. cooorrrrr :tasty: Am suddenly hungry... but will assauge it with my late dinner and a glass of white instead...
  9. Well, I wasn't going to say anything....but.............. Pah! Were too!!
  10. Yeah TW, listen to Sarah... she's the one with the whip!! As for siggy... I am happy for you to finish one over the weekend but only if it's not a hassle. I am so lucky to be spoilt for kind offers of a siggy. Thanks gals!! Either that, or you're personally offended at the sheer lack of visual stimulation when I post!! :bootyshake:
  11. Go TW. I'm with Sarah in that you don't need any more stress. I've added my 2cents re the event and just hope that it is sorted quickly as it's just unsettling and to devolve now after having a clear goal is frustrating. Candy you just kick back and enjoy the event...sounds like you get more than enough stress at home girl.
  12. Good luck with that tatt Sarah!! And re the new bras... I suggest you head to HarbourTown and/or the factory outlets...there are a few around up here!! Candy... You go searching for factory outlet stores too... and thanks for the good wishes. Argh!! A family b'day today and I have lost the pressie I had so it's an emergency dash a little later to get another one before the Dinner!! TW great to see you surfacing... we won't disturbe precious Erik time and I hope you get past the work insanity soon!!
  13. And the silence was deafening so I thought I'd say Good morning!!! :headspin: :mopboymarek: hugs to Sarah Candy ... I was all prepared for more ventage... did I miss or did you sort out that sister of yours and send Jackie over to deal with her?
  14. Thanks Sarah for my much needed distraction over lunch... the strong silent type of companion... :tasty: Candy...vent all you want girl.. my bro is so messy tis why it's taking so long for us to pack his place up...grrr.. Aussierose I very nearly turned over when I heard Billy was on but the visual joy of Jensen as I was eating a late dinner won out... :wideeyes: TW come up for breath at some stage!! later!!
  15. I watched what I could between IM and talking to BF on skype. It was always good eye candy though... a nice stress reliever after a loong day. :tasty: So, how's everyone's week shaping up? Candy are you still getting better girl? And TW, take your time honey, we all know good things come to those who wait :cool:
  16. Shona!! Great to see you!! And yeah.. they are a tad distractin' aren't they? :wideeyes: Candy I'm looking at going as Hippolyte Queen of the Amazons... read a Xena outfit... cat has approved the idea so I'm feeling good about it. Definitely not going as Gorgo!! Sounds too much Gorgon for me!!
  17. Pammy I'm staying optimistic for the BAFTAs... he's an international jetsetter type these days so I'm sure if the motivation is there [visiting family and catching up with friends] and it doesn't conflict with filming, that he'll be there. Hey, we can hope!!
  18. Absolutely you do Sarah, especially if he gets to get to Origin!!! Oooh.. the fun, the hangovers... the need for sunglasses :cool: and Red Bull [used to use Berocca] the morning after tne night before...
  19. Will be great to meet you too Candy!! I am soo looking forward to hanging out with other similarly only somewhat sane peeps :headspin: Me, I'm already trying to work out a costume... And HEY!! Guess who got Attila :mopboyattila: from her nephews for her b'day... :inlove: see that's why you give family wishlists gals :cool:
  20. I am aussierose!! :yippee: I'll be travelling down from Brissie... not sure when yet but will probably stay an extra day or two because I rarely get down there. Restaurants, shopping Gerrylove...it all sounds good to me! :headspin:
  21. TW, you're gorgeous darlin'. Sarah's right, you have to come up here again and this time we will all manage to get together...we just need to find a place that doesn't close!! Candy I hope Trace starts posting more often for you. You two certainly had some fun conversations and it can be awful to post and then have it appear as if no one is taking what you say on board. Hugs to you and hope you beat that dreaded lurgy soon!! Sarah, good luck with your next tat APJ great to see you!!! And I love that AVI too. I nearly fell off my chair and had to explain to my brother why I was shout
  22. Hi TW!! And may I say.... what a perfect way to enter the thread.. my Saturday morning hormone high!! TW, I didn't tell cos twas your surprise... :cool: me... I couldn't even choose one So, gals, what tats have you decided to get?
  23. absolutely!! Me, I just came in for a quick perve again before bed to up my chances of SGDs Yep... that worked I'd say :headspin:
  24. :tasty: Just had to make that pic post twice...that new 300 vid is soo yurmy...
  25. Aww Sarah... where do you wanna go out to?
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