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  1. I don't think he takes himself tooo seriously either which fits in well :: Saw him on Getaway last year... think he's bought a place in or around Sydney... maybe they'll make a series of those ads...
  2. Oh my gawd I love that ad... I just couldn't believe it the first time I heard it.
  3. Meh, we're not talking the real world here. With less than 30mins in an ep they have a severely limited cast really. Oh, and for the record, I don't hate Taylor... no one deserves to be treated the way Ridge has treated those two women. :headspin: Though I was very pleased that Lorenzo and Antonio eyecandy has been added.... :tasty: Hot lifeguards? I'm soo there... :yippee:
  4. Sounds like Bondi Rescue needs to go on the must watch list at least once. Me, I have a soft spot for Brooke and Nick as a couple. Ridge has done the dirty on Brooke one too many times for this gal. But ultimately, it's Brooke I like.
  5. Excellent!! :yippee: I don't get to watch it as am usually at work but follow it religiously online. :cool: Dare I ask which couple is everyone's fave? Will still luv yas lots if we don't agree. I've been following it on and off since the beginning.... tres sad really.... :mopboyerik:
  6. ooooh, are we talking The B&B ie Ridge & Brooke et al?
  7. Awww :thankyou2: Gals!! Have every intention of a total internal party whilst at work today!! :: And am NOT cooking dinner tonight!! :yippee: As for the rest BF alleges there's a pressie to be delivered today..if he can manage that from Denmark I'll be impressed. Hope everyone's having a very Gerry day!
  8. Morning all... hope we all survived yesterday???? Or should that be...that significant others [ir you have them] survived???
  9. Candy with BF in Denmark if I were doing anything today apart from helping my brother pack his house up I'd be in trouble!! :leochest: for all who aren't celebrating today And :yippee: to all who are!!
  10. Was that you taking up bandwidth as I was trying to do the same? I'd only be kicking him out of bed to drag him to a shower... to help him stay clean and refreshed of course :wideeyes:
  11. Sarah!! Well, I look forward to meeting all the other Aussies in here!! And any visitors too.
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