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  1. Happy birthday xx

  2. My boys go back to school next thursday - July 27th!! YEAH!!lol!! - they only get 8 weeks out for summer - but during the school year - they go 9 weeks and get out for 2 weeks (the whole school year) - it works out great though - they get 2 weeks off for fall break, 2 weeks off at christmas, and 2 weeks off for spring break! everyone going to the comic-con - have fun!
  3. Swan - I hope you feel better soon! Curl up with some Gerry movies and rest!! Take breaks with a great romance novel! If it doesn't cure you....It'll definitely take your mind off of being sick! It's what I did when I was recuperating! My hubby even went to the store to buy romance novels for me!LOL! It's true love for a man to stand in wal-mart and read aloud the back cover of a book to me over the phone!! woot! My son even did so for me! I love historical romance novels....and my son kept asking me did I want a hysterical romance!
  4. Song - stop off and pick me up, I'm right on your way!!! I love the smky mtns!!
  5. Dawn - congratulations on your win again! Zany - I love the trivia challenge! I'm not always good at it....but it's fun to find out what I don't know!LOL! Bethy - great slices! I have no idea how you keep up with and do so much graphic work! Risa and Becozy - Love the pics! He's so gorgeous!! Swan - Aww...sorry you've got a bug!! Hopefully it's short-lived! Get better! Great News!! I took my son Steven to order his class ring Thursday at the high school. They gave raffle tickets to us, but didn't tell us what they were for! His ring came to $465.00!!! I told him it was too
  6. Suz and Kimbo - Hobart and Bloomington !! I've been both places! I'm originally from Muncie - born and bred! I moved away 12 years ago but I go back all the time to visit family. Kimbo - I know what you mean about feeling homesick! I love where I'm at now...but still.... tstarr - great pics!
  7. Just stopping by to say hi!! I'm doing way better - almost as good as new. I only have one problem now - I've spent so many nights not able to sleep - I now have my days and nights mixed up!LOL! It's 3:30am and I'm wide awake still. Pleasing Gerry - I'd like to take him away from it all for a week!!! I don't think I'd dote on him though....it's just not me......but I'd like to give him a hard time, challenge him with wits - make him smile and laugh!! Maybe we'd go to some rugged, secluded place in the mountains and stay in a cabin with a big, nice fireplace. Fireside chats!! Ho
  8. That's hilarious Barb!! :laugh4: Pleasing Gerry!!! I can think of 50 ways....but I don't think I can post them here!!!LOL!
  9. Definitely listening to music does it for me! Luther is my all time favorite and always has been!! When my boys were babies....and they wouldn't go to sleep.....I'd put on Luther and either Rock them or slow dance with them!! So, I equate Luther with the most peaceful times in my life!
  10. I'm making the effort to read through the thread before I post. Sometimes a thread can start out one way and then take several turns....and end up somewhere else!!
  11. KTO


    Awesome TAT!! I have 3! I have a blue orchid on my upper right shoulderblade. Then I have a rose/vine on my leg and a tribal on the back of my neck/upper back. I have pictures of 2 of them.
  12. I checked out their website! They have a few of them on there. It's www.ildivo.com Click on gallery/video and you can scroll through their cd's. Some of them have audio you can listen to! Be sure to click on the last CD...IT has a VIDEO!! I've watched it 30 times today!!LOL!! :wideeyes: The event is in June!! I don't believe parents can go. That's ok, he's a big boy and I'd rather him have all the fun he can at this.....and you know they can't when they're 13....and their momma's along with them!LOL! And Thank You everyone!! I am still bursting w/ pride...but if you think I am
  13. Hi everybody! Man....how do you guys keep up with everyone in here??? Well, I had an uncomfortable night last night...still sore...but I've been moving, moving, and moving today...trying to work out the soreness. It's been almost 4 weeks since my surgery...but the doctor said it would take awhile to heal. I did get something exciting in the mail today. My son (13) was invited to represent the state of Tennessee at the 2006 Junior National Student Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. WooHoo! He's my little Einstein! I'm not sure how we can afford it yet, but I think it's going
  14. Hi everyone!! I just thought I'd stop by and say hi! I enjoy spending time here and reading everyone's post. So much so that I now have a GALS name and a Beautiful trading card - Sarah Jessica Parker!! Thanks Bethy!! You did a wonderful job of finding such a beautiful, sexy picture!! I'm still recuperating from surgery!! The doctor said I'm not healing well! I didn't really rest as much as I should have the first week and I overdid it. It really couldn't be helped with the hubby out of town. Now that he's home, he won't let me do a thing! He did take me to town today - Wal-mart! I
  15. Hi Zany! Just received my trading card today, so I figured I needed a Gals name too! The only thing I can think of right now is Mid-Life Crisis GAL!!! LOL!! I'll probably change it some other time, but I think it fits for now!
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