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    Music (Bon Jovi), concerts, movies, volunteering, good food, hanging out with friends, photography & wherever else the wind blows me :)

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  1. Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas & Happy & Prosperous New Year. Hopefully I can meet Gerard next year
  2. Thanks for posting these! Where was the pic taken of you & Gerard? I'm jealous. I came close to meeting him a couple of months ago, but, he blew off coming to a church in Indiana (he came to Chicago for a day to promote Machine Gun Preacher)... Grrrr ~Suzy
  3. Thank you for the welcome :)

  4. I forget to come on here (I know - bad). I hope to meet some other Gerard Fans. Would be nice to meet him someday. Came close in September in Chgo

  5. *Very Nice*! I'm Polish. I speak it, but, I can't spell very well. ~Suzy
  6. GERRY~ ****HAPPY "LUCKY 13" BIRTHDAY!!!**** (I know it's lucky becuse I was born on the 13th MAY ALL OF YOUR WISHES COME TRUE! WISHING YOU ALL THE VERY BEST ON YOUR SPECIAL DAY & ALWAYS!! Hope to see you the next time you roll in through Chicago (I missed you in September when you were here.) Sto Lat!! (May you live "100 years" in Polish) XO ~SUZY B.
  7. Welcome to GALS jovichick13 :)

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