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  1. MTV - why are they so mean to us non-US viewers?! Please post any video clips on here so that we can get a glimpse. Thanks.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YYc3jRoua8&feature=player_detailpage I couldn't get the link to work for non-USA viewers so hopefully this link will work. Shiv
  3. Gerry is right - they didn't publicise it in England like they did all the other films released around the same time. No-one publicised the Premieres and I'd have loved to get there and see him in the flesh again (if you know what I mean ). Both films weren't on at convenient times and didn't stay in the cinema for long. If they had had more publicity they would have got more people going to watch them. I only saw one interview in the UK when Coriolanus was released - that was with Graham Norton I think. He needs to blitz the UK's TV/Radio interview programmes like all the other celebrities do (like he did for Law Abiding Citizen). It will do wonders for his fans too . What ever happened to Playing the Field, Burns and RocknRolla 2? Anyone any idea? When's his next film released in the UK?
  4. Gerard Have a VERY HAPPY 42nd BIRTHDAY! I thought Machine Gun Preacher was a truly excellent film - another project you should be very proud of. It was a very moving film. I am looking forward to Corialanus. Luv ya!
  5. Shiv


    I didn't think I'd saved a copy of my picture prior to posting the original to God knows who at God knows where in Scotland (I have also sent it to Gerardbutler.net, so you may have seen it before) but I have been back to their website and managed to copy it back onto my PC (yippee - it's not lost forever). I did this picture for Gerard's 40th Birthday but I don't know whether he has even seen it - I'd be chuffed to bits if anyone could find out whether he has, and what his comments are..."can Jim fix it for me?" (a reference to an old UK kids' program where Sir Jimmy Saville granted a child their wish).
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