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  1. MIDTERMS ARE OVER!!! Seven years later, this is still my favorite emoticon... Still plenty to do, of course, but midterms are still over and we've got a four day weekend. Suffice it to say I'm pretty stoked. Hope you're all doing well! Love, Amber.
  2. GALS!!! My lovely, lovely GALS. Do you know how long it's been since last I posted? Because I don't. I just stumbled across the GBGALS facebook page, which I didn't remember I was a part of, and it just made me miss you all so very much!! There's no way I'll ever be able to catch up on all I've missed in the years I've been gone, but I really do want to try to get back into things. I am ashamed, however, to admit that I haven't been following Gerry very much lately. At all, really. I got caught up with Sherlock Holmes and Star Trek and other fandoms that basically took over my life. BU
  3. Hey, GALS! It's been ages since I've shown my face in this neck of the woods. I just wanted to pop in and say hi. My roommates and I watched P.S. I Love You last night and it was WONDERFUL! I had forgotten how much I loved that movie!! But Gerry is still as beautiful as ever, of course!!! I hope you all are well. Oh, and Sporran, if you wind up as Gerry's accountant I will die of happiness! Because, hey, stranger things have happened, right? Right!? Love you all!! --Amber
  4. Hi Amber! Good to see you on here! Hope things are well!

  5. I get to go home today!! We have a long weekend because it's Presidents Day on Monday so no school HUZZAH!!! I am in much need of a vacation. I had four tests this week, as well as a paper due. It is TIME to get OUT OF HERE!! Plus, I'm getting a ride with a guy who I've had the hots for since High School... that will be nice, haha. I don't think anything will come of it, but still it will be nice to spend time with him. Today I saw some tulip and daffodils trying to make their way up, and we've got expected highs in the 50's next week (ºF). Maybe the groundhog was wrong. I hope so!!
  6. Hugs to all you Gals having tough times. It's really been a bit of a hard week for everyone it seems. I hope you East coast Gals are staying warm and safe! Nasty nasty weather you're getting. It's looking like the rain is bad in California, then it cools off as it crosses over, but builds up strength to dump on the east coast. I'm lucky to have escaped the worst of it here in Utah. Just a few inches of snow every couple days, but it's not too bad. I hope everyone's okay and that your problems go away soon! Love, Amber
  7. Here I am again. In the exact same place I've always been, with similar songs to describe my mood, about still this same person. I Know The Truth ~ Aida (the Broadway musical) How did I come to this? How did I slip and fall? How did I throw half a lifetime away Without any thought at all? This should have been my time It's over, it never began I closed my eyes to so much for so long and I no longer can I try to blame it on fortune Some kind of shift in a star But I know the truth and it haunts me it's flown just a little too far I know the truth and it mocks me I
  8. Hey, Gals. Just wanted to breeze in here to show off my new siggy. Isn't it absolutely gorgeous!? And the best part is: I made it myself! It's going to be the best thing about this Valentine's Day, that's for sure! Well, that and the fact that I get a long weekend, so it's home with the family for me! And here's hoping it's a gazillion times better than last year's Valentine's Day... *sigh* Let's not go there. Love you all! Amber
  9. Roommates are watching Tomb Raider on TV... *sigh* I'm TRYING to concentrate on my homework, but they just got to THIS SCENE and I sort of turned into a drool puddle. Even after all these years since I first saw that movie, that scene still makes me Well, I guess I'd better get back to my homework! It was almost warm enough today to wear short sleeves! I really hope it stays!! Love you all, Amber
  10. Caution: Venting be here That is, if I had any energy to vent about anything. Let's see... it's been four weeks of school so far, and I've written SIX PAPERS. That is absolutely insane. Also, I am unexplainably sad and kind of angry and lovesick right now and it's driving me up the freaking wall. I guess this is where I say "Fook the bus." Haha, haven't heard that one in a while. </vent> It hasn't snowed (thank goodness) for the past few days, but crossing the street is still death because of the melting-snow puddles on all the street corners. Next school year, I will have a tru
  11. Mousie~ I didn't even think of Gerry being there! I wanted to go anyway, but now I REALLY want to go, but alas, I live in Cedar City now, 3+ hours away... Hope everyone is well! It snowed about a foot and a half here over the weekend. My roommates and I baked cookies for the boy next door who shoveled our sidewalk. When he came over to thank us, he had a half-eaten cookie in his hand. Cute little highschooler... Much love, Amber
  12. In response to a request from pictures of my drive the other day, I'm going to link you over to the facebook album where you can view said pictures: Sunday Drive Seeing Gerry on the Globes last night was AWESOME!! But it seems as though he's losing his lovely Scottish brogue. They showed a shot of him during Martin Scorsese's speech, and he looked so cute!! I just wanted to reach through the screen and hug him. Also, on a little 'cheating on Gerry' side-note, I freaking love Robert Downey Jr. I saw Sherlock Holmes on Saturday and absolutely fell in love with him. His acceptance speech
  13. I'm watching the Golden Globes, and I just spotted our man on the red carpet. Wow, he is bloody beautiful. I nearly died of a squee-fest. So excited to see him present tonight! Hope they don't drown down there in L.A. with all that rain!
  14. Morning all, You know lately the SC has been more dead than I've ever seen it. The only other time it was very empty, that I can remember, is when most of the GALS were in the 'Over-18' section, and there were only three of us in the SC for a few days. At least I think that happened... I don't know if I imagined it or what. Last night my friend and I drove up the canyon. It was INCREDIBLE! I wish I could articulate how much I love nature and God's creation of earth. I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of everything I saw. Even in the dead of winter, it was breathtaking. Today I think we'
  15. Hey, GALS, Good news! My best friend came down for the weekend. We were up until 2am last night talking about, well, everything. It was wonderful. I was worried it would be kind of awkward with her and my roommates, but it wasn't. It was awesome. I'm trying to convince her to come to class with me today. Bad news... I finally got a printer of my own, only to find out that it isn't compatible wth a Mac. That was (and will be) the only time I wished that I didn't have a Mac. But I'm okay now. It's just a hassle as an English major to not have my own printer. I have a paper due today, an
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