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  1. Hi I'll vote off Jacko and the Sea Captain.
  2. Hi Everyone! I went to the premier with Camille aka Celtic Star. She explained the events of the day perfectly. It was a very long day, but it paid off because we got to see Gerry! This is the second time that I have met him and I couldn't be more happier and feel more blessed than I do. The weather was so bad. There were torrential downpours, thunder, lighting and heavy winds, but Gerry managed to take a few moments to come over and say hi. He's awesome! When he stepped out of his car my breath caught in my throat because it's pretty intense when a person who you admire is so close. He walked over and signed Camilled photo. I was a little nervous about speaking to him, but then I remembered how nice he is to his fans, so I just went for it. I asked him to take a photo with me and he obliged. I'll try to post it here. I'm a pretty emotional person. It's just the way I am. So, after we met Gerry, I teared up little. I kept saying over and over "he's so handsome." LOL. It's just a little great moment. I know there are so many people that want to meet him and my wish is that they do. They will not be dissapointed.
  3. Hi everyone! I am going to vote off Milo and Jacko. Thanks
  4. Gerry at the World Cup! Loving it!

  5. HI Ladies, Good Sunday to you all! I'm voting off Burke and the Sea Captain this week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!
  6. Hi!, I'm going to vote off Chaun from Movie 43 and the Lead Seaman in Tomorrow Never Dies.
  7. Hi Marg, Please do not be sorry at all. I appreciate any information that you provide. Thank you very much!
  8. Hi Ladies, Happy Monday to you all!. I guess Gerry will be taping the Kelly and Michael Show on June 12th. If anyone has any other information I would really appreciate it. I'm thinking about playing hooky from work and coming into the city that day. I know that I can't get tickets to the show, but maybe I could catch a glimpse of Gerry.
  9. I'm sorry Sam, but I'm going to have to send you home.
  10. I agree. Look at the tweets and the instagram comments of people who meet him. I have not read any comment where someone had something negative to say. He is always happy to pose for a photo. I think he truly loves making people happy. He's one of a kind. Thank you so much!
  11. Keep the faith. I truly hope that you do get to meet him. HI Sue, You're very welcome. It's my pleasure. Hugs to you too
  12. He really is a doll. I'm looking forward to hearing your Gerry story when you meet him.
  13. Thank you! I am happy to share one of the happiest moments of my life!
  14. HI Everyone! On December 5th 2012 I met Gerry! It was at the New York City premier of Playing for Keeps. I honestly never thought that it would happen. I'm so glad I was wrong. Meeting him was everything I thought it would be and then some. He is as charming, friendly and funny as everyone who has met him told me he would be. As gorgeous as he is in pictures, he is even more gorgeous in person. I still have to pinch myself every time I think about it. I feel very blessed and very lucky for having the opportunity to meet a person who I admire so much. So here is my story. After I got all of the details of when and where the premier was going to be, I got in touch with Camille, who lives about a half hour from me. She is a GAL too. We actually met on this site. We exchanged phone numbers and made a plan for what time we would meet in front of the theater. There were also two other GALS who were meeting us. All very nice ladies. On the morning of the premier I woke up at 4:30am to catch a 6am train into Penn Station. From there, I took a taxi to the theater. I got there at 7AM and Camille was waiting for me. I was very nervous and excited. I remember that I didn't eat or drink anything because I knew I would be waiting all day and didn't want to lose my spot to go to the bathroom. Luckily we were right in front behind the barricades and if one of us had to use the bathroom we would hold each other's spot. I think we lucked out because it was cold and not many people showed up. I would have loved for Gerry to have a lot of fans there to support him but it worked out in our favor because we didn't have to contend with a huge crowd. One of the ladies had been at Good Morning America and had already met Gerry. She let us see the video she took and it was then I realized this was really happening. She had made a sign to hold up and it got Gerry's attention at GMA, so I asked the people in the theater if they had a large piece of cardboard. They gave me a large lobby card for the movie "Lincoln." I used the blank side to write the words "All I want for Christmas is a photo with you." One of the security guys saw the sign and told me that he thought Gerry would appreciate that. He had worked at other Gerry premiers before. He promised us that he would do everything he could to get Gerry to come out to see us even if he arrived late. It was a long day. But it was so worth it. As it got dark I really started to get excited. There was a tent up in front of the theater and we were told that we would know when the stars of the movie have arrived when we start to see the lights from the cameras going off. Gerry arrived late. We were worried that he wouldn't have time to come out to see us. In fact Camille, who had met Gerry at the premier of The Bounty Hunter told me that she would hold my spot, so that I could peek into an opening of the tent to at least catch a glimpse of Gerry in case he couldn't come out to see us. When I first saw him I was blown away. He was being interviewed and I could see how animated he was when talking and of course how handsome he is. Fortunately Gerry did have time to meet with us. When he came toward us I was surprisingly calm. I held up my sign and Gerry read it. Then he took it from me, held it up and said in his beautiful Scottish accent "This must be a generic sign that she takes to every movie premier she goes to." And I don't know if it was me or someone else who said "this is her first premier." The next thing I knew Gerry pulled me into his arms to give me a hug!!!!!!! As it was happening I just thought over and over again "is this really happening?" Then he kind of turned me to the direction of the person who was taking the photo for me and put his cheek next to mine to pose with me. He couldn't believe how red my face was from being cold. He said "your cheeks are so red", and he touched my cheek!!!!! At that point I think I was in shock. LOL. We told him that we were waiting 11 hours and you could tell that he really appreciated that. When he left me he thanked me. He thanked ME for coming to see him. I think I remember him saying "bless your heart." He was even warming some of the ladies hands with his own. He was delightful. He signed some autographs and then he went inside to the movie premier. Gerry spent a lot of time with us. I didn't get the photo of him and I when we were cheek to cheek. I guess something went wrong with the camera at that point. I did get a photo of us after he broke from the hug. The look on my face says it all. It looks as if I'm freaking out, but I think it looks like I was saying "holy ____ ." LOL. It was a magical moment that I will never forget as long as I live. I hope Gerry knew in that moment how happy he made me. Thank you for reading my story. And thank you Gerry for making my dream come true and for giving me the best Christmas present a GAL could hope for. One of the photo's below, the one that Gerry is looking directly into the camera was one that I took as he was signing an autograph for someone.
  15. I am loving the pictures of Gerry in Australia! He is looking so gorgeous!!!!

  16. Hi everyone! I think that i'm going to have to vote off Frosty.
  17. Hi everyone! This is the first time that I'm playing. I'm going to vote off the Stranger.
  18. The very first time I saw Gerard Butler was when I happened to turn on the TV and 300 was on. I definitely took notice of how sexy he was as King Leonidis. I didn't see another Gerry movie until about 5 months later. It was right before Christmas about 5 years ago. I turned on the tv and this time PS I Love you was on. It was then that I became smitten and have been ever since.
  19. Feeling very blessed!!!!!

  20. You sure did Barbara. And you were right. He is an incredible person. I feel so lucky And I'm still on cloud nine. Lol. Lots of love XXOO
  21. Good Morning, I just wanted to say hi and that I had a great time at the premier. I am feeling very blessed because I did meet Gerry. He is extremely kind and warm and just a nice guy. Oh and did I mention even more beautiful in person? I loved meeting my new friends. I had an awesome time with them. Have a great day everyone! XXOO
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