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  1. Thank you Judy and yes those two portraits are of Simon Cowell. An artist never stops learning even in 10 years and during I will never stop learning and that's the thing I am excited about because I can see myself in a few years being so much better.


  2. Thank you Kathy and I will certainly continue with my artwork, I am pursuing a career in art.

    Thank you Sue and I would love to draw your grandsons when the time is right for you, remember I am still a beginner so my commissions are not over the top expensive.


  3. Thank you June, I really appreciate your comment thank you very much and Merry Christmas to you.

    Thank you so much Kathy I do miss being part of this community, there is so much support, your comment means a lot to me and Merry Christmas.

    Here are some other drawings I have done.


  4. Hi everyone back again.

    I really wanted to draw Gerry but wanted to finish a current drawing first so I picked up a drawing I never thought I would finish and here it is.


    I do hope to draw him again soon.

  5. Hi everyone sorry I have been away but I'm just doing a lot of drawing lately. I am planning on drawing some more Phantoms and a Gerry portrait soon. Here are some recent drawings from the last 2 months.


    and a tiger that I'm working on now.


  6. Hi, thank you Diana, yes I am pursuing a career in art, I have been working very hard lately and hope to do so much more this year and to get my art more noticed but it takes time and patience anyways thank you.


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