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  1. Wow what a lovely portrait very yummy and hot he does take gorgeous pics once again yummy Abby
  2. Well i wathched the clip but all i heard of the 300 sequel was what the decribetion said above the video i really don't know but it would be nice if it was true Abby
  3. I so totally voted for our Gerry he looked so yum yum and smart plus soooo gorgeous Abby
  4. He is so gorgeous when they say a sequel does that mean a second film i thing it does if so that would be amazing GO GERRY Abby
  5. Cats do like to snuggle with you it's really nice to hear when an animal is happy hope the fireworks coming up don't scare our pets to much Abby is very scared of them also the cats Happy new year everyone have a happy hoilday too
  6. i now it's a bit of a late post but i couldn't resist saying i think Creddy is such a sex bomb and love the accent oh my god i might have to watch it again how i love
  7. I've got a little black dog named Abby thats what I've called myself on here if anyone was wondering she is my best friend someone who i can trust and love for all her life as well as mine she is a joy to have and look after as she has healed a part off my heart which i lost because my other dog Scruff, i'm glad i saved her life Dogs and cats are wonderful creatures ful of love for their owners i have heard wonderful and sad stories on the pets topic i hope everyones animals have and are making them happy like my Abby Boo to anyone who can hurt an animal Abby
  8. Abby

    Milo is gone

    I truly feel for u it must be hard to loss a pet espeically what you had been through with him i have a dog with some issues and it often worrys me if she would to hurt someone but i couldn't bare to lose her so sorry for your lose
  9. Gerard all the way for new Phantom

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