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  1. Dearest Gerry, I'm so very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Bobby. I hope your memories of him will lend you comfort at this tiime. Please know that your extended Butler family out here share in your sorrow and are thinking of you . Our love to you. Jeanne Maranos
  2. Thank-you for sharring your pictures with us. All you girls made us feel like we were there too. Your the best, Jeanne
  3. WOW, Just finished watching the 6 part video from Vegas with Gerry at the convention. Is it any wonder we love and admire this man so much. He's truly one in a million, but we already kn :wub: ew that didn't we guys? The tenderness and kindness and compassion tht he showed our girls in Vegas is one of the big reasons we admire this wonderfull man. Thank-you so very, very much for sharing these videos with us. It allowed us to be a real part of the experinece. And thank-you Gerry for being the kind of person you are. Many people don't pick their heroes wisely, but when we picked you for o
  4. Dear Swansong, Wow, what can I say except thank-you for sharing your time with Gerry with us. I wanted to go to Vegas so badly but I have poor health and finances aren't good either. I believe however someday inspite of my health problems I will make the trip to one of our events. And for the chance to meet this wonderfull, compassionate, beautifull man Gerry Butler it would be even worth jeopardizing my health. What a way to go!! I'm so happy for you and all the girls that were there. And like when I read Bethy's story, I cryd as I read yours too. What an amazing man that can touch
  5. Dear Bethy, I sat here reading your acount of your moments with our Gerry in Vegas. I'm crying to the point that I can barley see the screen to write this. My heart is actually fluttering. I have a heart condition and when I get emotional my heart starts skipping beats and actually flutters. Please don't worry. I have a pacemaker. And it's flutters of joy. No wonder we love this man Gerry Butler so very much. I'm so very happy for you and all the girls that were there. I truly believe Gerry loves his fans. What a beautifull man, but we already knew that didn't we? Take ca
  6. :inlove: Oh my Lord how wonderfull for you guys in Vegas, I'm so happy for you all! Gerry is so good to us and gracious I'm not surprised that he stopped by, God Bless Him. This is a big part of the reason we are so passionate with our support of this man and his career. Thank-you Gerry it meant so much to those who were lucky enough to get out there. We all love you. Jeanne aka opera_erik_paris@yahoo.com
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