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  1. Hey everyone!!! I just thought I would share a bit of myself with you guys. Gerard Butler is more than just an actor. I'm more than just a fan of his. I have never met the man. I have seen him in person, but never met him. I've always been a fan of his work. everything changed for me last Sept. 2011 A whole series of events happen to me involving him. now I have always known what I have wanted to do. And I think I have done pretty well for myself, But in Sept. 2011 I felt very lost and really confused. I felt like my head is going a million miles a Minute! It was some of the most craziest few days of my life! First Ran Into my old Theater Teacher ( He was so disappointed I haven't tried to get in the entertainment Biz) he thinks I should be a SNL player. I Then went to a Networking party Find Out that Gerard butler is coming to San Fran on the 7live show!! just like most parties I was cracking jokes n' a guy pulls me aside and tells Im a Natural born comedian, He goes on and on about my jokes. He then Gives me an agents Number. He tells me to call this guy. He says, "hes great and he is truly an agent to the stars", He calls right then and there and says "here leave a message" I leave a stupid message, of course. Something about,' I wanna be in show biz and I'm more than willing to blow my way to the top...call me" lol Later that night for Shitz and Giggles I researched that agents number I got from that guy making sure it wasn't a scam annnnnnnd It's fooking GERARD fooking BUTLERS AGENT! WTF???? I was shocked and embarrassed for leaving such a dumb message. O'well! lol Soooooo the very next day.... I watch bridesmaids and I think to myself That could have been me. that role was written for me, s**t her name was Megan lol!! I know I would have done an amazing performance .... okay I admit I would have been the s**t in that movie and the STAR lol. I just started crying feeling a bit bad for myself and wished I had went for my dreams. I wasted time on things that didnt matter to me anymore. Later that night I watched the Gerard butler interview on Howard Stern tv and he was telling a story how he went to a show and saw a guy and thought" that could have been me".... That was his starting point in his career. I just started crying...I have never felt this way in my life. I felt like is the universe trying to tell me something. I ended up staying up all night...I waited for my parents wake up...as my father made his famous Sunday breakfast and my mom sat at the kitchen table drinking her coffee and playing bingo on Pogo.com. I sat down and told them about these last few days and my decision in life. I seriously thought they were going to tell me, "what the hell are you thinking?!?!?" " thats just a pipe dream"!!!! Well, I got a much different response, my mom started crying. She said she had knew I loved being on stage and she and my dad would support me and my dreams. Her one and only regret in life was not pursuing her dreams of being a Standup comic and an SNL player. That was it...i was was going to go for my dreams!!! I want to make my Momma proud! I'm so happy and ever grateful to Gerry. I work my arse off trying to get tickets to the 7live show!!! I finally did and I went to go to abc studios" 7live" to see Gerard Butler and as usual I crack jokes and they were cracking up and tell me they are looking for some new people for 7live and upcoming shows and i went for 2 auditions but i didn't workout. the show is no longer on, but still flattering. I never got to meet him but it was just so amazing to be that close to him. I wanted so badly to run up to him and thank him. In Jan. I decided to make The Simply Gerry Film. I don't care if he's the only one the sees it. I want him to see how may lives he has touched including mine. I've just been planning it, but I am still very much so going to do it. In Feb. I played a supporting role in a independent short film (pain is Love) It went to Media-fest 2012 and won 3rd place. May 2012 I did standup!!! I went to a local coffee shop on an open mic night and did it! A promoter spotted me and asked me to be in a local show. Ive been doing standup 5 days a week since then. hitting every local show and every open mic from SAC to San Francisco. Last night...I was in my very first BIG show at the Legendary Purple Onion. Then In Sept. 2012 I will be going on a comedy Tour. Preforming at legendary comedy clubs! I'm following my dreams! now I don't know if you guys know how the comedy Biz works. What I'm doing right now is unheard of. It takes comics a few years to be doing big shows let alone a Tour. I also think its very ironic its in sept tOO! =) GERARD BUTLER THANK YOU SO MUCH I'M FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YOU (HIM)!!! I'M ACTUALLY DOING IT...I'M REALLY fooking DOING IT! THANK YOU!! Thanks for reading guys i just wanted to put it out there and share my love for Gerry! =) heres some videos 7live interview, my Independent film, and some standup....yes i do include gerry in my set! =D Oh btw...I start looking up comics being heckled...it being my worst fear. what was the first video that popped up?!?! Gerry Helping Godfey the comedian out!! LOL REALLY! LOL i really gotta meet Gerry NOW! LOL Thanks for reading!!! =D sorry for any typos it is 2am and I just got done with a show lol 7live http://youtu.be/BB__CUuisXU Pain is love at Media fest 2012 http://youtu.be/yZg8XwdcC_E pain is love My first time doing standup Live at the Purple Onion Tour website!!! They are still working on it!! I was just put up today http://chadmeisenhei...#!home/mainPage Me getting mentioned in the Sacramento bee http://www.sacbee.co...sacramento.html
  2. I Would love to Donate cosmetics from my Cosmetic line. Can We donate Services?!
  3. I'm sooooooo Going!!!!! It will be my first time going to a GB convention, I'm super excited!!!! You Girls and Guys are amazing!!!
  4. Is looking for Fans......

  5. Wow.....it's interviews like this that makes me excited for my film! I cant wait for film to be done and ready to send to Gerry! He deserves to see his fans in their true light. I know he is a busy man and cant get to know his fans on a certain level. I cant wait for him to truly meet and get to know his fans for who they are as people. Gerry truly has the most loving fans in the world! - Megan
  6. Thank You so much for making this site! It's amazing!

  7. Thank you so Much Touchmetrustme!

  8. Welcome to GALS SimplyGerryFilm :)

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