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  1. Hey everyone!!! I just thought I would share a bit of myself with you guys. Gerard Butler is more than just an actor. I'm more than just a fan of his. I have never met the man. I have seen him in person, but never met him. I've always been a fan of his work. everything changed for me last Sept. 2011 A whole series of events happen to me involving him. now I have always known what I have wanted to do. And I think I have done pretty well for myself, But in Sept. 2011 I felt very lost and really confused. I felt like my head is going a million miles a Minute! It was some of the most crazies
  2. I Would love to Donate cosmetics from my Cosmetic line. Can We donate Services?!
  3. I'm sooooooo Going!!!!! It will be my first time going to a GB convention, I'm super excited!!!! You Girls and Guys are amazing!!!
  4. Is looking for Fans......

  5. Wow.....it's interviews like this that makes me excited for my film! I cant wait for film to be done and ready to send to Gerry! He deserves to see his fans in their true light. I know he is a busy man and cant get to know his fans on a certain level. I cant wait for him to truly meet and get to know his fans for who they are as people. Gerry truly has the most loving fans in the world! - Megan
  6. Thank You so much for making this site! It's amazing!

  7. Thank you so Much Touchmetrustme!

  8. Welcome to GALS SimplyGerryFilm :)

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