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  1. I'm responding late; I apologize so much; my friend Sue; I will keep praying for you; David and all of your family. I am so thankful that David has been improving. God is good and He will continue to guide his Doctors and hold David up and place His healing hand upon him. Our Heavenly Father is also wrapping His Love and Strength around each of you. Jim and I are send you all our Love; Hugs; Strength; Friendship; Support and our Prayers, Tammy
  2. OH! my friend June absolutely STUNNING so far!! Those Eyes! give you goosebumps!! You can almost hear that "Come Hither" and feel his warm breath behind your ear You can imagine running your fingers through his hair starting at his temple to behind his ear! ****WOW need a cold shower now **** Can't WAIT to see more my friend June!!! You are absolutely AMAZING!!!! Sending Love and Hugs for everyone! Tammy
  3. My friend Sue; Jim and I both just cannot THANK you enough for sharing what has been happening and for making this thread for us. We both also want to THANK everyone for your Love; Friendship; Strength; Support and Beautiful Prayers and Kind words. I know that we both would not be able to get through without all of you. I am going to print out each post so that I can read them again and again for not only myself but also for Jim. Jim and I are both just sending you all so much love and so many hugs! Tammy
  4. Good Evening GALFriends! I am so sorry to be away for the last few weeks. This week I'm gonna vote off Neil Randall .... although he's a cutie.....he cheated.....the wife was evil in the way she got him back...but he still cheated.....not good.... and Gonna vote off Stoick ..... I love Stoick; but its starting to get harder to choose ..... Have to vote off the cartoon character. Sending LOTS of Love and Hugs for everyone! Tammy
  5. I'm going to go with Yasha and Marty this week as well.
  6. My GALFriend June!! He is just GORGEOUS!!!! Your just so AMAZING!!!!! You bring Gerry to LIFE so BEAUTIFULLY!!! You can just reach out and TOUCH him!! I could just get LOST in THOSE EYES!!!! and run my fingers through that HAIR!! He's just absolutely PERFECT as always my friend Kathy! It's good to be back :) I've missed you as well. I apologize for being away for so long. Lots of Hugs! Tammy
  7. Thank you so so much my friend June It's good to be back; I have just missed everyone so much. You all were never far from my thoughts and in my heart Sending lots of hugs! Tammy
  8. My friend June; I absolutely agree that your just absolutely AMAZING!! I absolutely look forward to seeing your cross-stitches come to life! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent and absolutely GORGEOUS cross-stitches with us Sending lots of hugs! Tammy
  9. ..... has a sudden craving for fruit .....
  10. I forgot to vote last week!! arrrghhhh!!! I'm so sorry GALFriends! This week I agree with sending both Peter's (Please & LWL) home. I agree with Elissa; Marty was spared this week cause; yeah that fruit bowl picture .... can't get it out of my mind .... haha
  11. !!!!!!! ............ The thoughts that are going on thru my mind ................
  12. Good Morning GALFriends! This week I vote off Cassius (although he was absolutely it was only a short time; for us to lust ...... errrrr ummmmm I mean watch ) I also vote off Neil Randall ............ he was a cheating no good liar ....... (cute cheating no good liar; but still a cheating no good liar ) My friend Elissa thank you so much for all you do in keep track and putting the Survivor game together Sending lots of love and hugs for everyone Tammy
  13. I vote to send Sea Captain and Burke away ..... not enough time to let us lust .... errr ummmmm I mean ..... see enough of Gerry Love and Hugs for all my GALFriends! Tammy
  14. I totally agree with saying "Nah Nah Nah; Hey! Hey! Goodbye ....." to The Lead Seaman in Tomorrow Never Dies (He is gone in like seconds) and also the Sea Captain in Black Freighter (He's a scary kinda guy ..... He sees too many Dead people ) It's GREAT to be back :) I have missed you all so much!!! Many Hugs to Everyone!! xoxo Tammy
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