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    GB - 'nough said.
    For other GB and Non-GB stuff, please visit my facebook account - link in the web url. Thanks :)

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  1. Oooohhhh, I am in a Sydney suburb. So close but soooo far away especially due to time. Does anyone have a TARDIS?? Any accomplished finder-outers here who can tell me when the filming will end and other bits of info? xo
  2. Awesome!! Thank you Lookie here for a more complete list of what the Butler is up to: http://www.aceshowbiz.com/celebrity/gerard_butler/filmography.html Cannot wait to see / hear him as the Egyption God Set - *sings* these are the two of my favourite things .... Gerry and Ancient Egypt.
  3. AWW, good to see him happy and smiling again. xx Anya
  4. Happy Birthday, dear Cheryl. xx Anya

  5. Happy Birthday, Josée

  6. My GALS Name is as below. I have run out of ideas. Tiny Lady Anya ------------> Tiny Anya Thanks, Zany. xx Anya
  7. Ooohhh... Thank you, thank you. From the panic of yesterday to the euphoria of today-- WOW. What a wonderful job collecting lovely pics for our viewing pleasure. xx Anya
  8. Ohh I was so sad yesterday when I couldn't find any more $$ to spare. Now I am so relieved. When I get paid, I shall send a bit more - it won't be much, though. Sorry. Thank you for all the hard work you do. xx Anya
  9. GB can do anything. He'll just run like a 'thunder' towards being 'brilliant' (ok that was bad, I agree, But could not resist.) I think I need to move to the US so that he can film in a place near me Heya, everyone... xx Anya
  10. Thanks Anya for the anniversary greeting. Five years is a long time to be with Gerry. LOL! Loving every minute of it! :)

  11. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Hunny! xx

  12. Hi Cassie and Cheri, I am a rather new addition. Hugs! Jobella, Congrats. Go get 'em, girl. Suzie, what wonderful news. A lovely son of a wonderful mom. I am so glad you are loving the new lil 'puter. Eva Marie... my dear, family is everything, hope you have a beautiful time. I do miss mine. H Sue, Cheryl, Elissa, Jill, and everyone. Hugs xx Anya
  13. Hello, Eva Mari, have fun on your visit. Hugs!

    xx Anya

  14. Welcome to GALS, Seda. :)

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