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  1. Dear Gerry,There are prayers are with you all the time.Drug problem I hope that disappears .We will always by.Your smiling face is ever missing not,continue smoothly your life. movies and most importantly we want to see you . I love you very much from me, from Turkey and all of the fans who embraces full of kisses
  2. Yes,that's right, nice by the way thank you very much .For many years now,a biggg fan ,I knew this site and now I have registered => I m happy Sounds like it is about time you became a member here. What took you so long? LOL!!! Welcome aboard Seda!!! ~HUGS~ Kathy Thank you very much ,8,30 years
  3. Yes,that's right, nice by the way thank you very much .For many years now,a biggg fan ,I knew this site and now I have registered => I m happy
  4. Thank you very much,a wonderful site.

    I'm sure will be very fun.We are his fans Gerard and we We always love gerard:).I am very happy for this site, I attended. always for many years now, a big fan of Gerard in,I am in love:)I love her very very much,I can die for Gerard,No problem;)

  5. Welcome to GALS, Seda. :)

  6. Welcome to GALS! Have fun here, we all do!

  7. 1::I was never into law. Even now, I never read contracts. I just sign them." -- Glamour UK ( September 2003) 2:: "It's funny being the sober one in a room full of drunk people because you realize how much s**t everyone talks. But people were very patient with me when I was going through a bad time." -- Glamour UK ( September 2003) 3:: " I always felt a bit of a loner in some ways. Even though at school I was one of the main guys in the crowd I always felt a wee bit different. Maybe sometimes better, but a lot of the time just f***ing weirder. Sometimes worse. Just thinking, when ** I going to get it together?" -- The Herald (Glasgow) ( February 9, 2002)4::I literally walked into my house and my stepdad said 'keep your jacket on your dad's here'. We hadn't heard from him for 12 years and I had to walk into a restaurant and I had to walk round all these tables and I was literally like, is that my dad at that table? Is that him over there? And it just makes you appreciate as a person and as an actor how some things, they just don't show. I think as an actor when you start out you just want to show everything and then you realise so much of your pain or happiness is concealed. When I sat down in front of my dad I didn't realise it was such a huge concern to me but I couldn't talk for the next four hours, I couldn't stop crying, I could barely breathe and I didn't know all that pent-up sadness was in there. At the end of the day that was the man who fathered me and he suddenly turned up." -- The Herald (Glasgow) ( February 9, 2002)
  8. OMG !!!!!!! This is really great ! ! ! ,Listening to the many was touched.Thank you veryy much for sharing
  9. Welcome to GALS SedaGB :)

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