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    Music, I love music, it has been my obsession for years. Some of my favorites: Guns N' Roses, The Fratellis, Garbage, Green Day, The Killers, The Rolling Stones, Pink, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd amongst others. <br /> <br />I have huge CD collect but I have now transferred them all to my IPod, which is more convenient. <br /><br />My other interests:<br />Cooking (a little) Reading, all things Computer<br /><br />My movie tastes: (besides everything of Gerry's LOL)<br /><br />Godfather I & II, Goodfella's, Mean Streets, Casino, Taxi Driver, The Departed, The Blood Diamond, Braveheart, Love Actually, Gangs of New York, About a Boy, The Holiday<br /><br />My Favorite Gerry Movies: 300, The Phantom of the Opera, Dear Frankie, the Jury, The Miracle Match, Dracula 2000

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    Gerry's Official Brothel Gal, Lairotica of the Lair
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  1. This morning I got your precious gift that all my GALS and the Sunshine Fund donated to me. Losing my home was a shock and very hard to comprehend but to know how many people care for me means so much more than you can understand. I was almost more shocked, suprised and overwhelmed by the fact i have so many people that care about me and my life. My Husband, Family, amd everyone who knows me thanks you from the bottom of our hearts, and we wish you all the best as you have us. I truely love my FAN-maily, Thank You all so much. Erica
  2. Thank you Sue and Ellisa! Yeah Sue plans change just a little bit Here is a link to my photo album of my wedding wedding Leo is in a few of the pic's
  3. Hello everyone! So it's been a while since I have been on gals. RL has been crazy, I am getting married on Saterday and I haven't had a lot of time for much else. Well anyway I just stopped by to share something. My soon to be sister-in-law named her 2 year old son Leonidas. She appearently loved 300 and her and her husband decieded on that name. BTW Leo is such a cute little boy and ring bearer in my wedding. My fiance doesn't realy like the name, but what does he know
  4. Sisters of the Lair, It's been a while since I have been in here and I just had a few things I wanted to share. Some know that POTO was the movie that started my Gerry infatuation. But also the first time I watched it was with my mother after she became bedridden. She couldn't sleep well after she got out of the hospital so I would stay up with her and we would watch movies together. When we watched phantom on pay-per view I feel in love with it. She liked it also, and that is saying something because she wasn't into musicals. Then she watched it with me again right after and she never liked to watch anything more than once. Well anyway you all heard that before so I digress. The last time I watched POTO was the night before my mother died last July. I sat near her bed knowing she was sick but I was still in denial thinking she would get better. To keep myself occupied I decided to watch POTO on my computer. Well after it was over I tried to get some sleep their next to her. That morning she woke me up told me she was thirsty so I got her a drink. She also told me she felt better and that everything was going to be alright. By noon that day the paramedics where called and she was gone. This morning I was listing to my ipod while I was in the shower. I had it on shuffle and "Down Once More" came on, it was the first time I had allowed myself to listen again. I broke down into tears when I stepped out of the shower toward then end when that phantom says good bye to Christine. I don't know why it hit me so hard. But I know that this will always be dear to my heart. Not only because it it a wonderful movie, musical, and story. Not only because Gerry is wonderful in it and the role of the phantom is intriguing and touches that part inside us. But because it touched me personally. Thanks for listening!!!! Lairotica, The Master's Joy of the Flesh
  5. Hello everyone! It's been a while since I was here. Two weeks ago I was in Salt Lake for a visit but didn't stay as long as I planned. Today is a busy day I have been feeling out paper work for vocational visits. Boy they ask some personal question. My father left yesterday for Ghana, Africa where he teaches he will be there on and off till November. Elissa happy late birthday to your hubby. I hope everyone is doing okay. to all
  6. Hello everyone! I know its been a verry long time. It been a crazy 6 months or so, but I vow to post more and join in again. to all. Erica
  7. Hi Erotica!! Great to see you on the board again babe! Drop by the gutter sometime and say hello! Hugs, Katie

  8. Oh, was there something written next to it. Cause when I saw those pic's I lost all brain function
  9. Thanks Leslie for posting the link. I hadn't seen a lot of them and really enjoyed.
  10. Thank you Holly and Katie for transcribing this. I really enjoyed it. I don't know if there is anyone else like this but for me when I'm listening I tend to get distracted by the people around me sometimes. I end up missing pieces. So reading it helps me take everything in. Thank you both again.
  11. Today marks my 2nd year here at Gals and I just wanted to say a few words. I came her just because I like an actor and wanted to know more about him. But what I found was friends and more about myself then I could have ever know. Each one of you has brought so much to my life. I started off very shy but gradually it was the people here that brought me out of my shell. I lurked for a while as a member because I didn't know what to say or do. Talking to people over the Internet was new to me and a bit scary but your warmth changed my mind. There are so many of you that have shown me friendship and if I where to name names I would forget someone and feel terrible. But I'm sure you all know who you are. There have been kind words of support with my sick mother and my struggle with smoking. There have been laughter and good times. Many chats that I have brought tears to my eyes, both with laughter and touching moments. All your kind words are worth more then anything I have every recived. You all are so priceless, I do hope to meet you in person one day. So in closing I want to thank all the Admits and Mods for such a wonderful friendly site and all the members for adding to the wonderful place that is Gals. Thank you all for a great two years and many more to come. Big to everyone Erica
  12. Happy New Years to all! Sue I made it in. Aren't you proud of me I made a New Years resolution to stop bye more. Hugs to all! I missed you! Erica
  13. Hey now I want a firefighter too. Pretty please....I well beg on my knees Take that however you like
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