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  1. i'm known as the mask and i also GALS but it comes and goes
  2. the mask

    is it free

    hey,i use photobucket sometimes..... is it free???????
  3. the mask

    if he were mine

    every kiss would seem like the very first one he would be a long slow walk on a cool crisp fall day he would be the bigest brightest most beautiful star in the night sky being in his arms would feel like a warm cozy blanket on a cool night he would my sunshine on a coludy day he would be the of gold at the end of the rainbow if he were mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. how can i get a gerry avtar and can i use any pic of him!!!!!!!!!
  5. :yummy: :yummy: :yummy: gerry did have a great body in 300 and i think that arnold just might be a little jealous beacuse gerry is a lot younger and much better looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. the mask


    i watched 300 last night and in the scene where the character xerxes is talking to king L. and then he truns his back on him and xerxes is standin behind king L. and talking to him,was xerxes gay!!!!!!!!
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