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  1. Phew -- I feel better! I was worried that I'd misjudged...
  2. After the morning you've described, that you have eye makeup on at all is disturbing... I wouldn't have even bothered! ((QQ)) for you Suz
  3. **Shuffles across thread, pulling pannies out of the crack of my** Uh, oh, "Hi." **taps on monitor** Is this thing on? As expected, midnight chat is kicking my butt. Fighting the "nods" at my desk. Of course, Boss is rip-rarin'-ready-to-go ... Can he not tell that I have a GManChat hangover?! Suz -- gotta love Mommy's Little Alarm Clocks, don't we... (Don't we? We do, right?! Did I just hear a cough?! Sounds like they might need a dose of BENEDRYL, Suz...) Mrs. Marek -- Glad to hear your mom is pulling through well! Toni -- you forgot to mention the most important color: YELLOW (which is also the color of Bethy's wedding, I believe...) I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! Well, I have to stop "sneakin' up on my paycheck" and get some work done ... damn lawyers... Have a good one, my Gals! Holly
  4. Do you need any "witnesses?" What about maids? What's your "color theme" - yellow towel?! Do you need me to "give you away?" Are you going to wear white?! Cake? Do we have a cake? CRIKEY - What will we do for a BACHELORETTE PARTY?! So much to do! So MUCH to do!!
  5. Barb, Help!! I'm getting the following: "You did not choose a poll choice to vote against. Please go back and ensure you click on one of the radio buttons next to the choice you wish to vote for." I SWEAR, ON BILLY'S EYE, THAT I'VE MADE A CHOICE!! AS OF 11:31am on 05/10/06. Holly EDIT: Worked once I selected in all 3 categories. PHEW -- Billy's Eye is safe!
  6. Agreed, Kimbo!! So, sorry Missus Sporran. Thank you for your post. Prayers of comfort for you...Song, I am so grateful that you have shared details of your situation AND that you have asked for prayer. It is a privilege to ask for peace, comfort and patience on your behalf. Rest assured that you, and all that you love, are wrapped in prayers at this time! As for you GALS, I often feel compelled to say, "I love you" only to find myself "holding my fingertips." My inner voice says, "You don't even KNOW these people!" Yet, I now go about my every day life and can't help but seeing, reading, cooking, smelling and otherwise feeling things that make me think of each of you, both individually and/or as a group. So, fook my inner voice: I love y'all. There, I said it. And I mean it. And to drive home my point, Suz, over the weekend we saw a young, strapping gentleman sportin' a shirt that made Mike and me think of you:
  7. Here is a link to the actual text of the bill: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=s109-1955 It's rather lengthy. I haven't read all of it yet. However, what I have "digested" simply appears to be a measure allowing small business owners to create their own groups for the purpose of obtaining affordable group health insurance. Also, from what I've read, if your "domicile state" requires insurance providers to cover certain procedures, S1955 cannot usurp the state law. Read it for yourself and made an educated decision. I'm still undecided. Holly
  8. Thank you for coming up with the words... I was speechless... I honestly think he is the most perfect specimen of male human form... Might I just SINCERELYsay, from the bottom of my heart: "Thank you, God. Amen." (Swan, don't you mean, "Stick a 'fook' in me?")
  9. Reciprocated Warning: Watch out for the slug trail!!! Could someone please pass me a moist towellette? Right (speed) clicking has commenced!
  10. Fookin 'el, Beachie. How many tungderful pix can one gal stand in one sitting?! You made me snort coke out of my nose ... I was so ill-prepared for such a feast! ((Do it again ))
  11. (BTW ... CONGRATULATIONS on your "birthday" Missus Sporran!! What a celebration, indeed!! Seriously -- it's an incredible accomplishment. I'm glad you shared such a "momentus event" with us "newbies.") Holly
  12. OH, NOOOOOOO KIMBO!!!!!! FOOK x INFINITY! I still can't believe you're on probation. The nerve! Prayers of strength, patience and perserverance are being uttered on your behalf! Hol
  13. Thank you for my Crows' Nest With A View, Missus Sporran. May you get some much needed rest!!
  14. AAAACCCKKK -- Stef you're gonna inflict gerrybetic comatose -- soo much gerry-sugar at one time!!!! SNAXY, indeed!
  15. I had no idea that Jenn and I popped your chat cherry!!! Wow. I feel so special! You should have said something, I would've gone slower! For the record, I do respect you! Hol
  16. heISmyGspot


    I was planning on bringing my laptop to in order to take the workshops regarding signature and avatar creation. I'm not sure who will be hosting these particular workshops. Nonetheless, can any "leaders" suggest which software I should be prepared to use? Thanks!! Holly
  17. I started to edit your quote just to eliminate repetition, but I can't. I so totally agree with every word. Eric Bana more "beautiful" the Gerard Butler?! PA-SHAW... I'm flat out pist.
  18. I'm confident the only thing in that "thread" would be the "header." Edit: WAIT -- I thought of an entry for the "I would NOT nibble on..." thread: I wouldn't nibble those little "deoderant wax balls" that collect in his armpit hair. Edit Again: On second thought, nevermind. The thread's still "empty."
  19. BACKATCHA -- Can't wait to race you to the Dr. Batista's "charms" table in Vegas!!! Yes, pink eye IS conjunctivitis (sp?) And you're right about the wash cloths. Placing cool wash cloths over teh eyes can provide relief -- but be sure to keep them seperate from the rest of the laundry and use bleach. Note pads! THAT'S how you do it!! LOVE the nibbles-n-bits graphic!! Must stop "sneaking up on my paycheck" and get some work done before the boss gets back. Sweet Gerry DayDreams to you all...
  20. I am continually amazed at how each of you has the recall ability to address each "event" posted ... I am so lacking in mental capacity and focus... Point at hand: Started this post prepared to congratulate, celebrate, commiserate ... and I've already forgotten everything but Michael's pink eye ... :depressed: Suz, I don't know if you've had pink eye before/recently, but it is very painful. (In 1984, I had so many recurring bouts that my eyes are "light sensitive" to this day). Anyhoo, that would explain the Tylenol w/codeine. In addition to pain relief, it will help him sleep. (Sleep is the only time it doesn't hurt). Fortunately, pink eye leaves as fast as it hits. He should get some relief rather quickly. (The drops fookin burn -- so if he puts up a fuss about the drops -- that is why). Prayers of healing and protection are being uttered on your behalf! Toni, GREAT NEWS on your clean bill of health. It looks like we have another recruit ... [[in Best, Echoing, Deep, Bass "Phantom Speaking From Above" Voice]] Cherrrrrri, this is yourrrr conscience speeaking ... Surrrrrrender to yourrrr Darrrrrkest Drrreams ... Purrrrrge yourrr thoughts of the life you knew beforrrre ... :muahaha2: Cheri, your excitement over meeting DD is "kinetic!" Welcome to Gals! OH, YEAH!! ABROCK -- you're favorite picture IS pairfect for this thread. Having made the request for "crows' feet," I have one word: THUD! (Right clicking has commenced!!) Have a good one, Gals! Spotty
  21. Gabriel allowed me to post this picture in chat last night, so I'm assuming it's ok to post it here. According to Gabe, he looks like this pic, except he has "laing" hair and green eyes
  22. You crazy gals. Do you wish to be the bottle or the WATER ... going back, smoothly, being tasted by The Tongue?
  23. I'm 5'3" -- I consider myself "height challenged." As Big Mike would say, we're all the same "height" when we're horizontal ... lol
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