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  1. I called the place in the Palms. Left a message and actually got a call back. There is a "stable" of about 20+ "artists." They are open from 11a.m. to 2:00 a.m. Explained "convention" -- group of hens wanting to get inked, etc. Absolutely no appointments -- all business is done on a walk-in basis. Prices vary by detail and artists ... she wouldn't give any ranges of any kind. Holly
  2. That is so weird. I was up during the night, also. I kept feeling compelled to jump on line and decided "why bother" no one will be around to play. Hmph. Should have obeyed the calling... Ok. Here are just a couple of my favorite crows' feet pics (mods feel free to amend as necessary -- I haven't quite mastered the "reduced" picture-posting process...)
  3. OH, MY GOSH! OH, MY GOSH!! OH, MY GOSH!!! My very own CROW'S NEST WITH A VIEW!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! (I'm out of town right now. Upon my return to my own computer (and yes, I've been voting with two new computers the last 2 days) I will immediately start my search. I'm literally squealing with unpaddeled delight at the thought of perusing picture for CROW'S FEET. :tasty: SWANNIE -- you have no idea what kind of gift you have given a fellow gal by posting your selected pic!!! And your comment ... simply PAIRFECT!! I owe you a hug (so does Mike! )
  4. Great idea on this thread, Bethy! I'm confident that getting a tat in Vegas is the equivalent, if not better, than getting at tat in New Orleans. (Having been born and raised in New Orleans, I can assure you getting a tat is it's own seperate "tourist" industry... most artists have sample of their work and everything is heavily regulated). As for ME -- I'm getting a simple, small, kelly green shamrock on the top of my foot while in Vegas. I have no pictures to post. I'm bringing a "temporary tat" I got from my kids St. Patty's treat bags as my example. I'm so excited!
  5. First things first: Would you look at the CHA-NUZZLE on that guy!?! (Watch out for the slug trail!) 2. I think "Mo," over at GBUSA lives in Vegas and is running part of the Vegas show. Perhaps she can guide us to a "higher end" tat-parlor. 3. Will the mods please consider constructing a "Crow's Nest With a View" floor or the like? -- one that highlights those yummy crows' feet. PPPPPLLLLLLEEEEAAASSEEE?
  6. :funnyabove: Has anyone heard about this?! Oh, they are SO cute at this age!! <<Ahem. Collecting myself.>> You might want to check the photo gallery, also. There are a ton of photos, taken by fans, while he was filming "on the street." Welcome back to the loop!! Spot
  7. You say that like we'll be sleeping!! I'm all dewey!
  8. Count me in, Bethy!! I SERIOUSLY want to get a tat while in Vegas! Holly
  9. ((Shhhhhhh... be vewwy, vewwy quiet...)) <<whispering>> I vote twice each day: once from my pooter at work, once from my pooter at home...
  10. Love the Snog Booth Line... I'll get with my sis-n-law over the Easter Weekend to see what she'll have time to do for me! I'm giggly with excitement!
  11. Hey, Sarah/Jes: I have a sister in law that's a professional artist. She could EASILY sketch out a camel scene similar to the "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" and/or the "Gerry, I looooooovvvvee you" OR WHICHEVER design you choose so that it's an "original" piece of artwork and not trademark infringement. PM me if you want me to submit ideas to her for "creation." (Pairsonally, the "Gerry, I love you" idea made me wet the bed in laughter... classic!) Holly
  12. I will grudgingly "accept" them messing with his hair color. Although, I love me some salt-n-peppa. However, if they ever mess with The Man's crows' feet, I'm gonna go postal... There's not enough chocolate or zoloft in the world that can stop me! He's just ... dreamy Watch out for the slug trail...
  13. "The mere thought of the convention, which had his mother as an honoured guest, prompts another round of that fantastic laugh." SWOON... (Every once in a while, I read something he's uttered that makes me wonder if he really does NOT get "it." That "it" IS "him." Everything about "him" -- from his "can't help it, God gave it to me sexiness" to his incredibly wonderful "goofiness.")
  14. No concerns at all... Hun, he was a virgin when we married at 26. Fourteen years later, sex is still his "new toy." (Hence our use of ice packs ... as you may recall ... lol) There ain't no "fringe" -- Big Mike has belly-flopped smack dab into the middle of the lusty lunacy. I'm glad he's finally got someone else to play with ... You sure are a generous gal! First you offer up icepacks, now man-swaps! There's no swap necessary. Thanks, though. There are worse things to cause strife in a marriage. I'm familiar with this one...
  15. I'll admit it. Mine was to have a successful sex life. I loathe sex -- it's too much like ex... exer... <grunt thru gritted teeth> exercise. I'd rather do taxes. Until my Gerry-trigger flipped, my wonderful-was-a-virgin-when-we-married hubby got sex twice a year: on Christmas and his birthday. It's by the GRACE OF GOD, that the two events are six months apart... So, for my hubby, not so much "me," I would want a successful sex life. I'll leave it to Big Mike to define "successful..."
  16. JUST A FRIENDLY REMINDER to those that indicated they wanted to make a small monthly payment ... it's a NEW month!! Hol
  17. He's such a young puppy dog in that pic! Nice eyes, though.
  18. I would give up ALL forms of chocolate ... for eternity ... scratch that ... for a YEAR ... no, wait ... a SOLID month ... on second thought, make that a WHOLE day ... if I could look him squarely in the eyes for 30 seconds. That's all I'd need ... 30 seconds of pure, unadulterated, uninterrupted gaze ... to look him directly in the eyes -- no hugs, no kisses, no words, no pix, no signatures, no one else around -- except my hubby. Ok. A WEEK. Mark me down as a WHOLE week... a full 168 hours without any form of chocolate for the above...
  19. It saddens me that one would have to make such a post.
  20. OOOOHHH, I could SO say something that would get me spanked! Suffice it to say, I have a "thing" for "spots" ... hehehe
  21. CLICK **FLASH** CLICK **FLASH** There you go, Suz. A snapshot of you streaking ... suitable for framing!
  22. I'LL RACE YOU TO THE TABLE, SNAP!!! Get ready! Get set...
  23. *hangs her head, swinging her arms behind her back and digging at the ground* I'm sorry, too. CAN'T wait to meet you on the playground in Vegas, Snap!!! :inlove:
  24. Don't make her stop this thread!!
  25. That's it. I'm tellin. MISSUS SPOOOOORRRRRRAAAN!!! Nutsnap just neener-neenered me and showed me her hiney-bump in a public for-rrrum.
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