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  1. It sounds like a nice role for us, er, I mean "him." Playing a "lover" and all. But I'm confused. All the stuff I find on the "movie" indicates it's in "post production." Some sites don't even have Gerry (or even the character) listed... I wonder what the deal is...
  2. Hey, Princess -- why not go as a football referee with a BIG yellow-towel flag? You could go around flaggin' plays for roughin' the Butler, intentional groping, pass interference ... oh, the material is endless
  3. "I am so jazzed about being far away and alone!!!" AMEN, SISTER! How many "golf/football/hunting" weekends have I endured?! Far away, all ALONE -- pure, unadulterated sleep (should I so desire) -- being able to crap without someone coming into the bathroom needing attention to his Woody [appendage] -- basking in the knowledge that hubby will FINALLY get a taste of FULL time parenting ... to learn what it's like to not be able to take a crap without being interrupted by a sticky 2yr old asking him to get the gum off his "Woody" [toy]... OH, GOSH, I CAN'T STAND THE ANTICIPATION! We need a count-down timer on the opening "forum" page. T-minus 100 days...
  4. Migraine sufferer, having a 6yr old and a 3yr old myself ... one word: BENEDRYL (for the kids)
  5. Count me in! I can't "compete" with Dr. Em's outfit -- not even in my dreams. I'm sticking with the camel in a yellow-towel-swishy cape theme. Can't wait to meet you Princess -- I'm a big football fan myself and your signature catches my eye every time. Although, I'm a Saints fan. I know. I know!! I can't help it. It's a birth defect. And there ain't nothing anyone can say that I haven't already heard ... lol The burden I bear for being born and raised in the Big (ch)Easy ... or "Chocolate City" as they now call it... Otherwise, I'm married to a Cowboy fan ... again, you don't EVEN need to go THERE ... the things we endure for love...
  6. HE LIVES!! HE LIVES!! Thank YOU for throwing us a bone!! (And I know I'm going to get hit with tomatoes for saying this, but I think he looks sorta tired, dare I say, "weathered." He sure picks the physically demanding roles. I hope that B&G and 300 haven't taken their toll on our Good Man.) Now, back to bidness -- I CAN'T STAND IT -- MORE CROWS FEET AND SALT&PEPPA
  7. I'm going as a Camel draped in a yellow-towel swishy cape -- only my hump will be on my stomach. OR I'll pretend that my humpy stomach IS the hump on my back and I'll simply look like a camel walking backwards the whole time... dunno, still working out the details. Notwithstanding the humping decision, I'll be the camel in the yellow-towel swishy cape doing "The Robot" or "Hustle" whenever a disco song is played... Play that funky music Scottish boy... (I need more Vegas Chat -- I'm too excited for an event that's too far ahead in the future!!!)
  8. heISmyGspot

    Costume Ball

    I'm going as a camel (with the hump on my stomach, instead of my back...) (or maybe it will look like the hump's on my back, but I'm always walking backwards ... dunno. Still have worked out the details...)
  9. Hey, "Tit Tart," -- don't take this the wrong way, but if I meet you at the convention, can I touch your boob?
  10. No disco?! Unfortunately for me, "Disco" IS my "oldies" -- Gotta have it (at least a little) to have some throw-down fun... Anything KC and the Sunshine Band -- (AMEN, SISTER) Anything by Earth Wind and Fire (September!!) GAP Band! Play that Funky Music (Scottish) Boy! How bout a dedicational "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" sing-along? I'm simply GIDDY with anticipation -- if for NO other reason than to have some time to myself and meeting others that UNDERSTAND my case of GALS!!!
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