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  1. Gosh, a good ol-fashioned camera eye-f*ck if there ever was one!! My chicken is all ... clucky Can't wait til ye dig up the BTS photos to THIS shoot, Mrs. B!
  2. The cutie reporter photobombing in the background... That's great! (And G's expression is NOM)
  3. If you're ordering, I need your size info *NOW*
  4. What size would you be purchasing? We may have some to sell after the convention. :-) You would be able to mail a paper check to: Jenni Grizzle GB Fan Convention PO BOX 465654 Lawrenceville, GA 30042
  5. Register here but you completed a registration form a while ago. ye just need to make your deposit
  6. We can't reveal the logo, but we can say it has a distinctively "Scottish" feel to go with our convention's "Gathering of the Fans" theme! Tshirts will be our usual heavy weight 100% cotton, Hanes tagless tshirts, in a men's cut. If you'd like to pre-order a tshirt, please do so by paypaling $20 to registration@gerardbutlerfanconvention.com. Include the desired size in the memo portion of the transaction. Tshirts will be mailed within 3-4 weeks of the conclusion of the convention. Payment and/or Pre-orders must be received by 5:00p CDT on April 25. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here. I'll be monitoring the thread.
  7. A Hollywood tough guy who's the real deal. Hardcore Scotsman Gerard Butler tells ShortList's Andrew Lowry about breaking his neck and holidays in the wilderness He's taken on African warlords, the Persian Empire and the combined might of Hilary Swank and Katherine Heigl, but right now Gerard Butler is taking on his riskiest assignment yet. Olympus Has Fallen casts the 43-year-old former trainee lawyer as a secret-service agent who finds himself the last man standing when a North Korean terrorist attack all but wipes out the White House. It's big, spectacular and a lot of fun – not unlike the straight-shooting Scot… Olympus Has Fallen contains many impressive fight scenes. Did you pick up any injuries? I picked up a lot of injuries. My fight with Rick Yune [who plays the villainous Kang] was three days solid and we just banged the sh*t out of each other. I bruised his ribs, he bruised my ribs, and I later found that I'd broken two tiny bones in my neck – including my hyoid, whatever the f*ck that is. We're not sure either, but it sounds very painful… I was glad I'd broken bones, actually, because at first they thought I had a growth in my throat and sent me for an MRI scan. And I'm thinking, "Cancer." Then the radiologist came out and said, "I think you've got broken bones in your throat." I was like, "Yes!" She thought I was crazy. The film's taken on an unexpected relevance given recent diplomatic tensions. How did you get Kim Jong-un to join your marketing team? Well, it took a lot of work for our publicity department to get them to play ball but they did, and it's helping the movie a lot. I shouldn't joke, but it's uncanny: there are things happening that are the exact scenes that we have in our movie. Would I go there? No. I don't know if I'd make it out alive – especially after this movie. Part of the film was shot in Louisiana last summer – how hot did it get? We had a week of filming outside at the height of the Louisiana summer, with 80 per cent humidity – even being in the shade was miserable. I was running on the spot for a week, because every time you cut to one particular scene, I'm supposed to have already been running for a mile. Over the week we probably did 400 takes; the sweat was dripping off me two drips a second. Presumably a beer was out of the question… Here's a trick I use: ice on the balls. I learned that on Timeline, which was shot in Montreal when it was nearly as hot. We put packs of ice down our underwear. I don't think it's good for the reproductive system, but it cools down your whole body. And focuses the mind, shall we say. ... READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE Nommy pics associated with the article are in the gallery. Shortlist provides a .pdf to download/read: Issue 270 Click here to read. Page 3 is Gerry's cover (Pg. 1&2 are cover ad)
  8. CHERYL! Uh, Gerry. Your BFF didn't market MGP AT ALL. But that's ok. Karma is a BITCH and I'm willing to wait. Also, nice post, Delene. I, for one, don't usually read the "filler" of an article, but cut straight to G's two-cents. I had to go back and re-read it to catch the snark that has everyone's knickers in a twist. That being said, I still enjoyed Gerry's contribution.
  9. Gerard Butler is the Scottish actor who has made it big in Hollywood and is rumoured to have dated all the usual suspects (Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Some Supermodel Or Other) and none of the unlikelier ones (Whoopi Goldberg, Danny DeVito, A Bearded Lady) which is a pity, as such rumours would at least be interesting, and I've also read he earns $20m per film. Twenty million dollars! Gerry, love, I say to him, whatever you do, don't turn a film down without mentioning my name and saying I will do it for $10m, with full nudity and everything. He says: "With full nudity I would take less! I love that!" What? You think I could get more if I promised no nudity? He goes, "Ha!" and then says: "Look, I don't get $20m a movie although, trust me, if I did I'd be very happy to say it, because it sounds great. But I don't, and I don't know where the figure comes from. Now I know, by the way, why my mum keeps saying: 'Hey, what about a place in Tuscany and then one in Jamaica?'. She must have read the same article." Oh, Mrs Butler. You had Tuscany and you had Jamaica and then I took them away from you. Still, Cornwall is always nice. And the Pembrokeshire coast, if it doesn't rain, but you can't count on that. So, we meet at a central London hotel, ostensibly to discuss his latest film for which, it is now apparent, he didn't earn $20m, and this is Olympus Has Fallen, a right-wing, Die Hard-style siege fantasy set in the White House which may, alas, be one of the worst films I have ever seen. (Full disclosure: I don't see many action films, as they're not my favoured genre, so it may be there are even worse ones.) Anyway, being cowardly by nature, as well as a dissembler, I hope we can get through our hour together without mentioning the film – the elephant in the room! – or the subject of critical regard generally (the other elephant in the room! Two elephants in the room!). This is certainly my plan, as it would be any sensible dissembler's plan, so I kick off by telling him what a fantastic-looking, cutie-pie of a man he is, which, unusually, is actually the truth. He has quality bone structure and what is known in the trade as 'piercing blue eyes'. I ask: Do you think of yourself as a fantastic-looking cutie-pie with piercing blue eyes? He tries to dissemble but is useless: "Yeah… I don't think… um." So he quickly gives up, shrugs and says: "Yeah, I do," which I rather respect. I tell him he reminds me, slightly, of a meatier James McAvoy, that there's a physical similarity, but he disputes this. "Maybe it's just because we're both Scottish?" More about something in the smile, I say. He says, enthusiastically: "He's one of my favourite actors. He's always got it right and he's a good dude, a really sweet guy. I love actors who can go to dark places yet remain sweet people and don't feel the need to be pricks." ... READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE! b&w photos from The Independent article
  10. Nice find! Interesting. Hopefully, when he reaches the age of hip and joint replacements he'll have no regrets!
  11. He's been such a goofball on this junket! I LOVE IT! It's so much fun to watch. Thanks for all your hard work in getting the goodies, Mrs. B!
  12. The first shake was done before a radio show (can't recall his name - it was the show with the "Innuendo Bingo") and was not posted by Gerry's "official account." It's still up for grabs. The version of Gerry and his friend "shaking" with the UK troops, was posted by Gerry's "official youtube" and has now been set to "private." I'm not sure why as it wasn't any more rambunctious than the first post. My guess is that it may have something to do with some of the participating troops. The military can be so picky about confidentiality, etc.
  13. Suzie, the "Harlem Shake" is a current fad making the rounds. The premise is that a group is sitting calmly, with one person rhythmically pulsing (as Gerry was), then at the bridge, all of a sudden the whole group is just off the chain. Although the current "fad" is called the "Harlem Shake," it is not, in fact, the Harlem Shake. Those from Harlem are, more often than not, offended by the current trend as they feel "mocked." For others, it's a good reason to subscribe to all kinds of jackassery and be silly. As for Gerry's version of the Harlem Shake, did anyone notice those squatting hip thrusts while balancing on a table?!
  14. Aaron and Gerry appear to have a genuine friendship chemistry. It's fun to watch them interact with each other. It reminds me of G and David Wenham back in the days of 300 pressers.
  15. THANKS STUART! I've tweeted the link to youtube ;-)
  16. This is supposed to be in 10 minutes (central daylight time) and I can't find anything on that site...
  17. Want to get in GERARD BUTLER'S pants?! Here's your chance! Up for auction is a pair of suede pants worn by Gerard Butler during his portrayal of "Beowulf" in the motion picture "Beowulf and Grendel." The pants show "wear and tear" as depicted in the photos and come with a certificate of authenticity from Grendel Productions, Inc. Also included is an 8x10 photo of "Beowulf," which has been signed by Mr. Butler and which also comes with its own COA. The pants have been generously donated by a fan in support of Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation (f/k/a GALS Charitable Foundation). Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation is a 501©(3) not-for-profit corporation and the winning bid may be tax deductible. (Consult your tax adviser). Rising Phoenix will donate the net proceeds of this auction to The Shade Tree, which is located in North Las Vegas. The Shade Tree provides safe shelter and rehabilitation to those women, children AND their pets escaping domestic violence. BID HERE! THANKS, Y'ALL!
  18. I know what ye mean Swannie. But the "powers that be" have asked GALS to rally, and you KNOW that's how Taam Gery rolls! LOL It won't be the last time we pinch a nose in order to take one for the team. (Besides, it's not like it's JJ ) Glad you got to see your post, Elissa. And THANKS, Mrs. B!
  19. Olympus Has Fallen needs Team Gerry! We've been asked to rally the troops to post positive reviews at Rotten Tomatoes. SO, if you've gotten a fresh serving of Gerry Juice and have seen OHF, please post a review at Rotten Tomatoes! http://bit.ly/RotTom_OHF Thanks, GALS! Spot
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