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    Other than Gerry, my husband and 3 boys :D
    I love sport especially football, music and Zumba. I also help with my sons local football team as my hubby is their coach :D

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  1. They are all great!! so hard to choose as they all fit the theme very well. Well done to everyone!
  2. sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan - for that sort of money, i would have wanted more than tea. i would have wanted the whole package, ha! ha! ha! i am glad the evening went well and they made such a lot of money for haiti, such a worthwhile cause. Believe me, once I had got him alone for the tea then I wouldn't have let him go lol! Oh no you've got my mind thinking all sorts now - just the thought of it lol!
  3. :woo:That just proves what a great guy Gerry is!! I just wish I could have been there to give him a big hug when he came of stage:hug1: Forget the pass - I would have paid that just to have the tea with Gerry!
  4. Welcome to GALS Iraine! Have fun!! :)

  5. Welcome to GALS lraine :)

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