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  1. The recent comments from Gerry that I have read seem to express doubt and the opinion that Scotland and England should remain united, but that there might be some other way of working out solutions. He may have expressed a different opinion lately. Also, as an American, I am in no way an expert on this matter. Perhaps some of you know what his thinking is these days. Whatever that is, this is a difficult decision for many of the people of Scotland. I wish with all my heart that the outcome of the referendum will be the best for Scotland.
  2. Yes, the man does keep getting better and better. That photo surely gives me a thrill or two or three or . . . kaboom!!!
  3. You know, I've racked my brain trying to remember, but the most I can come up with is that it was a video interview probably about HTTYD and just one of those random questions. Sorry.
  4. I recall that in one of his interviews he was asked if he would be in the sequel and he said that they had talked about inserting a scene after the main filming but that, in the end, it was not possible because of his schedule. Think this was while he was in Australia. Kind of fuzzy in my mind, but you know how our ears prick up at any kind of news.
  5. I saw it and Gerry was wonderful as always. Lordy, he is gorgeous. I hope we do get a video--I was without internet for over a year and unable to feed my need with youtube videos and it was great to have the GALs multimedia available. It's a great service for your members. Thank you. Meantime, I love having the transcript; my hearing is not good so it's nice to fill in the parts I missed. So thanks for that also. On the show they played a clip from the movie with Stoick and Valka. WOW--brought tears to my eyes. And as Mark said, even animated he is charming.
  6. I enjoyed that interview--thought they seemed to enjoy sparring. Both can show an off-beat sense of humor.
  7. Thanks so much for posting this. Just saw it today during General Hospital--but had gone into the kitchen for some water and missed the first part. I'm so excited!!! Gerry looked absolutely amazing as usual. I see they are just beginning with this to engage interest in the story--no actors or director mentioned in this, I think.
  8. Welcome to GALS Louise72 :)

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