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  1. As originally published at Gerard Butler GALS People OnLine “Star Tracks, Tuesday, Mar 6, 2018: http://people.com/celebrity/star-tracks-tuesday-march-6-2018/oh-captain-my-sea-captain Article with photos at Just Jared Video of filming on Mar. 7, 2018 from Scanpix Thanks to GBLoyalFans on IG for capturing Gerry’s Instagram Story: More images from Social Media of the filming area, set up and equipment at our post at GB GALS
  2. Announcement of Project: http://gerardbutlergals.com/content/press/gerry-and-millennium-films-together-for-angel-has-fallen/ Teaser Poster: http://gerardbutlergals.com/content/press/angel-fallen-teaser-poster-afm16/ Cast News: http://gerardbutlergals.com/content/press/holt-mccallany-joins-angel-has-fallen/ IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6189022/ In a press junket interview for Geostorm, Gerry discussed Angel Has Fallen: I’ve already mentioned Mike Banning, so I wanted to ask – as a fan of Olympus Has Fallen – where you’re at with Angel Has Fallen? We’re starting in the early New Year and we have this phenomenal director, Ric Roman Waugh. Oh yes, I should be seeing Shot Caller next week. Oh you’re seeing it? Well if you’re in any way excited about Angel Has Fallen now, before you’ve seen Shot Caller, you’ll be five times as excited after you’ve seen Shot Caller. It felt like… him on our franchise, such a new and interesting direction and a fresh way to take Mike Banning as a character and the story itself. I’ve known Ric for years and we’d always wanted to work together, but he’d never imagined it would be on the third Has Fallen! [laughs] Because he’d always said [adopts serious tone] “I want to make like The Searchers with you, a movie that’ll be remembered for three generations!” and I said “Well what about Has Fallen 3?” and he said “Not what I was thinking!” [laughs] I said “Read this script, it’s kind of like The Fugitive, take it and let’s put your spin on it” and that’s what came back and he and I have been working on it ever since. This is as similar as maybe Logan was to Wolverine, it’s definitely a Mike Banning who’s almost – [laughs] as I am now, Gerry Butler for his action career! – a Mike Banning who is paying the price of all these years, all the Olympus Has Fallens and London Has Fallens. He’s paying the price for that physically now and he’s struggling a bit in the job, it’s no longer the kind of superhero Mike Banning, but it’s a guy who’s on a more challenging journey and then on top of that everything turns against him when he gets set up for this assassination attempt on the President. And some of those facts that he’s already struggling with are used against him and he ends up going on the run and is trying to elude the bad guys – and the good guys! – and find out who the hell is behind all of this. It is… I have actually become… I couldn’t even see a way to make a third, you know we’d joke about it: “What, Tokyo? Hong Kong? What is it going to be!?” and it would be, for sure, what is it going to be? Until this idea came along and until Ric came along – now I’ve gone from not knowing what to do with it, to thinking this is going to be the best one.
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