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Gerard Butler GALS
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Jo O'Reilly

If you were gerry's genie...and he rubbed your lamp..

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1. Find true love.

2. Move his mum's porch to LA.

3. His career get the recognition and the type of films he deserves....

Now if genie had influence.. what do you think his 3 wishes would be?

1. Me

2. My porch

3. oh...I'd allow him keep his career!!! The man has to work! And I'd share him with you Gals - but only on screen! lol!

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Guest greyeyegoddess

Oh, the images that went through my mind with the title of this thread...

ok, in all serious,

1) to find himself. He seems to be on some kind of personal journey to completely understand who he is and what he is to do. (Seriously, Gerry if that is what you are looking for, I have a couple of friends who would love to meet with you :D ....)

2) to continuously be working on what he loves the most, that will gratify and satisfy him

3) to have complete joy in his life, which can include finding the one person who can make him whole.

hmmm...If I had to steer the wishes in my favor...

1) be one of his best friends. :cunning:

2) spend time in a way I would never forget

3) can't say, because the thread is viewable to all ages.... :inlove:



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oh this is a good one.

you are right Alice

1) I think he is still looking for something in his life and he has not found it yet.

2) I know he loves to act but I have a feeling one day he is going to have done all he wants to do in acting and go on with something else. he would make a good director producer in my mind.

3) after he does all the searching for what he is looking for then I think he will find just the right person and settle down. betts :hearts: I think he has done so much in his acting in this short time as many have taken years to do. he is brilliant. I wish I could think like he does.

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Since HE mentions it regularly and obviously has struggled with it for years I think wish #1 would be

1) Quit smoking and stay quit

2) Find a level of satisfaction with himself that is enough that he isn't always beating himself up and yet leaves enough "unchecked baggage" to continue driving him creatively.

3) This one is the hardest because it could be for his career, it could be for his personal life, or for something we don't even know about so I'm going to leave this one as "his choice"

If I was the genie and could guide the wishes I think I would leave 1 and 2 as they are and make #3 that I become one of his closest friends, someone he can just call up and hang out with when he has some time and is in town (and he'd get me seats to his premieres too!!)

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1 - Quit smoking

2 - Have more time to spend with his Mum

3 - Have a one nighter with Trixie....

:D I know, I'm twisted

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VG....I do like the friend one, am having a rethink of my orginal list and think I'd have on it that he could call me anytime when he needed support - I'd be there for him...be his champion (get in line, I hear you all shout! O'Reilly get in line.....) Maybe I could get him to slip in that his last wish was for 1000 more wishes...

My mind I confess also has wandered somewhere to my genie costume!! Fickle I know...but it is important gals. I like sparkle and mystery...and I have designed the most gorge dress in my head already!!! It would be simple, modest and elegent and would whisperyet faintly tinkle when I swooshed my hips....like this LOL!.

OMG it is turning into a fantasty!!!! Trixi - you said it...but replace the 'one' with 'many'.... cold shower called for!

Jo x

Edited by Jo O'Reilly

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I think if I were a Genie and Gerry got to ask of me three wishes that he would want......

1. Peace in his life, to be in complete utter bliss that hewould knows hes happy and that all the people he loves are happy as well.

2. To find true love, of course, though, what guy doesent wish to find thier soul mate lol.

3. And for his final wish I think he would want more time to be with his mom. Having a scheduale(sp) like his he must miss her!

And now If things were to go in my direction and I were to approach(sp lol) this my own way........lol

As a genie, I would realize that Im a genie and would use my powers to make Gerry my own...yeah, I would so take him as my own lol!!! And he would be my love slave! (THATS RIGHT! I know all of you would of done the same!!!!!LOL) :inlove:

Then again, I can only dream lol

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Listen ladies,

If Gerry rubbed my lamp the right way, he wouldn't get his wishes for about three days. Then, bedraggled and sexually exhausted, he'd have to whisper his wishes....(and to be truthful, I'd give him three, and then make about a thousand more come true...after his recovery, of course!)

Anywho -

1. Sucessfully quit smoking. And never be temped again.

2. Work really hard for the best, most satisfying roles that he's always wanted, minus the fame crapola and papparazzi.

3. Realize and appreciate all the good he's done, the good he will do, and the good he has. (Basically find balance). He's got a lot of love, but if he is happy with himself, the love (or loves) of his life will come. (Giggling at the pun).

***And if he were my genie and I rubbed his lamp the right way, there'd be no wishes necessary!


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My wishes for Gerry:

1) to have had more time with his dad.... to have seen his dad grow old and not die in the pain and torment of cancer. To have had his dad beside him at the premieres of his best movies, to have had his dad to talk over things with.

2) to find the peace that passes all understanding

3) to give himself utterly in a loving and committed relationship


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