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Dr. Em

Guidelines for Posting Personal Gerry Stories

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We, as the moderators of this site, want to remind all GALS who are lucky enough to see or meet Gerry and wish to share about it here, that we aren't in a position to research and verify each story that gets posted here. We have to come from a place of trusting each other and the members of this site and always give benefit of the doubt to each posted story, especially if none of the mods were present. We know that when Gerry is in the vicinity of fans, emotions run very high, and also each person in a given situation has her (or his) own personal background, personality, and point of view. For this reason, several fans attending the same event may perceive situations very differently, and each of their points of view could be equally valid and true. We welcome any and all fan encounter stories here as long as they don’t cross over the line into “Gerry dating” stories, or stalking scenarios.

We request that fans post only about their own personal experiences and point of view and not venture into disputes of other posted stories. If you feel that something needs to be addressed about a story, we would appreciate it if you keep it private between yourselves, or bring it to the attention of the moderators via PM if there is something you feel we can or should do about it. Just don’t ask us to judge who is “right” and who is “wrong” because all versions may well be equally correct through the eyes of the individuals involved.

Also, we don’t want any member to feel pressured into revealing more than she may be comfortable posting on the forums. Some of us come away from meeting Gerry and want to share every last impression we had of that encounter. Others may feel their stories are too personal and prefer to share little or nothing of it. If something was said to you in private, PLEASE keep it that way. We ask members not to ask anyone to reveal more than is comfortable for that person.

In addition, please keep in mind when planning on attending an event where Gerry may be, that you go “at your own risk.” There are no guarantees that you will have an opportunity to meet, talk or otherwise engage in any type of contact with Gerry. While Gerry has been exceptionally accommodating in previous events, he may not always have the time or opportunity to meet and greet his fans as he would like to especially as his star continues to rise. Please do not pass judgment on Gerry, but rather, be there to support him as a fan, expecting nothing in return.

Lastly, PLEASE respect Gerry’s “personal space!” As his fans, we sometimes feel that we know Gerry well, but the fact of the matter is, few of us do. Please keep this in mind when emotions are running high and the fervor may take control of your good senses.

We cherish each of our members and we want this to remain a fun and friendly place for all to visit and where GALS (and PALS) can share whatever they are comfortable with.


Dr. Em and the Moderators at GBGALS.com

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